Shirley A DeBlois

Nov 13, 2017
Shirley DeBlois

Riverview, Fla. — Shirley A. DeBlois passed from this life Nov. 7, 2017. Her memory will be cherished by her husband of 65 years, Rodney DeBlois; daughter Vicki Scholer; granddaughters India Clark and Jaurian Birmingham and their daughters, Zaiha and Zola; Laura and Doug McLennan and their boys, Sean and Thomas.

She had many adventures with her husband, loved the cottage they built together in Port Clyde and the home they made in Spruce Head. Laura and Doug gave them a surrogate family to love and share in the growth of Sean and Thomas. They so cherished these days. The many friends they had in Maine meant so very much to them.

She left a love of Maine in her granddaughters, picking blueberries, making pies, long walks, the Maine cliffs, the smell of the ocean, the breaking of waves on Roaring Spout Road, where they first resided. Her smile lit up our world and she will be truly missed by many.

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