Sergeant John Gibbs

On the eve of the election I would like to take this time to reflect on John Gibbs.  As a small town officer the community gets to know its officers well and what I hear from the community about John is that he is fair, honest, compassionate and kind.  The John I know loves this community.  He loves the people who make up the fabric of this community.  He is constantly watching and listening and inquiring, because he wants to understand each person’s unique perspective.  He wants to help make this community better, for everyone.  He is compassionate and he is genuine and he is honest.  He will work for you, and ask the questions to which you want to know the answers.  He will stand up for what is right for this community.  For those of you who have supported John over the last few months, thank you.  For those who have contacted John for clarification on the issues, thank you.  For those of you who maintained civility in the face of disagreement, thank you.  We love this community no matter who is elected tomorrow, and look forward to taking our next step, in whatever direction that may be.


with gratitude, Katherine Loblein

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