September 23 is the birthday of Neptune. My favorite planet.

Sep 23, 2020

Neptune was discovered  September 23, 1896 that's  174 years ago. At that time they thought it was the furthest planet out from the Earth in our solar system.

Why do I love Neptune so much you ask?

Because it's interesting.

I say it's interesting because Neptune has influence in our natal charts in some very specific ways. Neptune shows up with positive aspects to Chiron. Jupiter and Venus (mathematical aspects) in the charts of those who are married to their "True Love of their Life." Yes, I can see that because of Neptune, and that excites me. Clients have confirmed this to be correct.

This world needs more "True Love" relationships in order to emit Love to all.

Neptune has to do with Spirituality, art, music, film, stories, Angels, the unknown dimensions we live in yet are most of the time unaware of...Divine Love and poetic, lyrics novels, in the talents of writers, and  writing. Neptune also takes us into the realm of fantasy and illusion the land of make believe. The Moody Blues wrote a great song on their, "7th Sojourn"  album which I love called, "Living in the Land of Make Believe." They tell it like it is. The psychedelic phase some of us lived through also shows a connection to Neptune and idealism and also the potential to fall into an addiction due to high idealism and an inability to know how to function in a world that can be so heartless. Some individuals are simply too sensitive to navigate in this world and so reach for the drug of their choice. They need loving compassion and help from those who know from their own experience how it is, and where there is hope to be found. Yes, there's always hope! From my observation it is the Neptunian energy that works in finding a healing bond with God, Higher Power, High Self, Jesus, Buddha etc. Something greater than the ego personality to help bless and guide an addicted person along in this world is what will work, not more drugs and denial of the extreme power of this illness.

In fact, in my opinion we all need to learn more about love, Divine Love. I believe (a Neptune word) that is why we are here on Earth. We're here to learn to love more. That is the purpose of life! That is straight, pure Neptune talk.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Neptune glad you're here with us... our gravitational pull caught You, because we really need YOU, Neptune. We need YOU.

May your love increase. May your faith increase. May your joy, wisdom and inner peace increase......... today right now!!! Neptune says.


Justin Hayward singing the song (he's the lead singer songwriter guitar player of the Moody Blues. My favorite group of all time. even better than Beethoven whom I also adore.


*Forgot to say this morning I started to write about Neptune. I had to google: "when was Neptune discovered?" I knew it was "long ago." Mind blown when I found it was today, September 23 had to look at my datebook to realize today is! Guess Neptune wanted me to write. That is Neptunian thinking a good example!  Ah HA!!!

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