September 15 - 30 2020 written by Ananur (once was:Carol) Forma Astrologer since 1976.

Sep 14, 2020

Monday, September 14 I got up at 5:15 a.m. and saw the Moon and Venus close to each other, What a great sight to see.

September 15 – 17 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter, which tends to speed up the mind and cause you to do too many things at once. Try to focus and not overextend yourself. The best thing about this aspect is that you have a philosophical approach to what’s going on. You’re no longer feeling emotionally stricken by the events taking place.



Thursday September 17 The New Moon will take place at precisely 7 a.m. with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 25 degrees of Virgo. Neptune, Mars, and Saturn are all making profound aspects to the position of this New Moon. Therefore, this is a complicated time. There’s progress made, yet setbacks are also in the mix. It’s confusing to follow directions as they keep changing. Mailing in your absentee voting ballots could already be a problem! Today as I write this, it’s August 23, and I’ve already requested my absentee ballot in order for it to be sent in on time. Mercury will be retrograde from October 13 until gulp, November 3 at 12:50 p.m., which as you know is Voting Day. Mercury retrograde was taking place during the November 7, 2000 election when Gore and Bush were being voted on. Remember that?



September 17 – 18 Mercury in Libra is in an awkward aspect to Neptune in Pisces, bringing about memory loss and confusion. This does not last forever. Musicians will find this to be a super-creative phase.



September 18 – 19 The Sun in Virgo is in a disruptive aspect with Mars in Aries. This will be an angry, impatient, conflicted time, and not just personally.



September 18 – 21 (until 7 a.m.) Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Pluto. Your perception is off. You’re convinced that you are viewing the subject correctly, but you’re not! It’s hard for you to detach from your point of view.



September 19 – 21 Venus in Leo is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn igniting overindulgence in food, spending, drink, drugs, or just about anything that brings about a feeling of fun yet can be harmful when overdone. This could apply to schools, with mistakes made that cause the virus to spread.



September 21 – 24 Mercury in Libra is harshly aspecting Saturn in Capricorn while at the same time Mercury is harshly aspecting Mars in Aries. Astrologers know this configuration to be a “T square in cardinal signs.”  This is a quarrelsome time and not good for meetings and decisions. It will bring up differences to be discussed. If people are patient and listen carefully there will be progress, but not made at this time. There needs to be a phase of considering what was shared first, then another discussion to determine what to do. I’m thinking of the government: local and federal. Decisions and conclusions made too quickly will cause big problems.



September 22 (9:31 a.m.) – October 22 (7 p.m.) The Sun is in Libra. As always during this phase each year the focus is on relating. Justice and fairness, seeking what is right and good for all, flood our thoughts. Taking a strong stand to protect others rather than thinking of oneself is evident. It’s not bad to think about taking a stand for oneself, which is something Libra people are always learning. Perhaps the fear of appearing selfish stops them from doing what is necessary. Aries is opposite Libra and has no concern for what others think of them, but Libra people do and worry about what others think about them. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap during this Libra phase!



September 22 – 23 (at 9 a.m.) Venus is in a troublesome aspect with Neptune, causing idealism to fog up your reality glasses. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Watching or reading a romantic novel will feed your need for idealism to hear about relationships that end up happily.


September 24 – 26 Venus in Libra is in a challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and will bring about differing expectations and increasing demands that will put out the fire of what once was an intense attraction between you and your partner. If you’re involved in a secret love affair behind your marriage partner’s back, this is when you get caught. Emotions are profoundly intense during this phase.



September 27 – December 1 Mercury is in suspicious, strategist, observant Scorpio for a little over a month. Notice how observant you are. You’re paying close attention to details. You know what they mean to you. *Speaking of Mercury, remember that it will be turning retrograde October 13 at 9:05 pm. until November 3 at 12:50 p.m. I pray that our votes count.


September 27 – 28 Venus in Leo is awkwardly aspecting Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect causes you to be hypercritical of yourself and others. Venus at the same time is in a super fine aspect with Mars in Aries, bringing about a sexual attraction that may have potential to be more than just a fling for you.



September 27 – 29 Mars in Aries is harshly aspecting Saturn in Capricorn. This is an aspect that feels like Mercury is retrograde, when it’s NOT. There will be delays and obstacles. Persistence is required. Patience is needed and will feel like a real stretch.



September 28 – 29 The Sun in Libra is in an awkward aspect with Chiron in Aries. You’re imagining something is going on when it’s not. Your perception is not clear even though you'll swear that it is. For anyone with a mental imbalance such as (just one example) bi-polar imbalance then this would be a challenging day for that person. Thinking of a friend of mine and hoping she will be ok today, taking her meds which she hates but admits that the meds do help her function better.


September 30 – October 2 The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Uranus in Taurus, known to increase rebellion and abrupt actions. This is due to the desire to break free from rules and perceived oppression. Being part of a group which despises structure and regulations would or rather could lead to anarchy and chaos. This could also display as teenager attitudes (no matter what age the person is right now)  such as ,"Don't tell me what to do." or "I'm going to do it my way no matter what." If this aspect is strong in a person's birth chart then there could be a heart issue, heart attack. P.S. if this happens to me you'll know why.


Thursday October 1 The Full Moon will take place at 5:05 p.m. with the Sun at 9 degrees Libra opposite the Moon at 9 degrees of Aries conjunct Chiron. For those with abandonment issues this Full Moon will be difficult. These sensitive people need to heal old childhood emotional wounds from a mother who was needy and relied on them, rather than finding a therapist to help her deal with her emotional imbalances from her own childhood. It’s during this Full Moon that we will find out just how serious the isolation has been for many children who have a mother who is unstable. When these children are back in school, teachers will hear cases that are required to be reported. I know this sounds awful. This period could be the beginning of a lifelong need for healing.



Sending out positive thoughts to all of you!!!!        Be well……Stay well.

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