Seeking, and finding, something uplifting

By Phil Crossman | Feb 23, 2017

Every now and then, when I feel overwhelmed by events, I search for something uplifting. For the last few years that’s sometimes been pieces of the Ellen (Degeneres) Show, those segments wherein she does something nice for someone who’s done something nice for someone else or who has accom-lished something extraordinary.

The other day, after listening to my president raving about invasive immigrants but unable to frame one coherent thought or complete a single sentence, I went to another of those show segments to boost my spirits. There I found a Sudanese immigrant who had found her way to the U.S., having escaped the horrors of civil war. She’d come to Maine, of all places, taught herself English, graduated from high school and then college and is now herself teaching English in a Maine high school.

That was impressive enough, but it was her appearance on the show and the reception she got that was so inspiring. The camera picked her out, a black woman wearing a hijab who, overwhelmed, was then invited down to the stage to visit with Ellen.

The entire audience, men women, blacks, whites, other Muslims, Jews, Asians, all offered affectionate, thunderous and clearly unqualified congratulations for and recognition of her extraordinary achievements. It was such a welcome and refreshing contrast with the venomous and sweeping condemnation of immigrants and minorities everywhere by our president.

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