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Second medical marijuana facility planned for downtown Rockland

By Stephen Betts | Jul 18, 2018
Photo by: Stephen Betts A second medical marijuana dispensary is planned for downtown Rockland. The newest plan is for 266 Main St., where Hill's Seafood restaurant and bar currently operates.

Rockland — A second medical marijuana facility is planned for downtown Rockland.

Mark Crockett from Pen Bay Alternative Medicine Inc. of Benton has filed an application with the Rockland Code Enforcement Office to open the pot facility at 266 Main St. That is the building currently leased by Hill's Seafood for its restaurant.

The Rockland Planning Board will hold its first review of the plan at its Tuesday, Aug. 7, meeting.

Crockett said currently medical marijuana caregivers have to meet patients in homes or parking lots. He said having a place to grow the plants and allowing patients to come in for education, advice and privacy would be an improvement.

Under the state law that will take effect Oct. 1, Crockett said he will be able to produce 30 plants and provide that to as many people as needed to consume those 30 plants.

He said a group of investors have an agreement to purchase the 266 Main St., which is at the intersection with Myrtle Street. He said the sale is contingent on approval of the medical marijuana production application by the Planning Board.

The 266 Main St. site is currently owned by Bricks Inc., which is owned by Kate and Mike Miller.

He said that he plans on opening the facility in six to 12 months.

Crockett spoke before the Rockland City Council July 2 and asked it to hold a workshop to discuss marijuana regulations.

The state law that allows for recreational marijuana requires that a municipality formally opt in before a recreational marijuana business would be allowed in a particular community.

In Rockland's case, that vote would be taken by the City Council.

Crockett said he has not thought that far ahead of whether he would seek to expand to recreational marijuana if it was allowed in Rockland. He pointed out that recreational marijuana may be allowed in a community but may not be allowed on Main Street.

Crockett operates the medical marijuana clinic on Route 1 in Thomaston. He said at the July 2 meeting that he was involved in the referendum drive to legalize medical marijuana.

The City Council has not discussed allowing recreational marijuana.

The council did approve earlier this year an ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in locations including downtown and the waterfront.

Crockett attended Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro, operated a seafood facility in the Rockland Industrial Park, and had a ReMax real estate office in Rockland.

The first proposed medical marijuana dispensary is planned for the former First Baptist Church at 500 Main St.

Nick Westervelt of Westervelt Provisions LLC received approval for his project at the May 17 meeting of the Rockland Planning Board.

Westervelt must still obtain a permit from the City Council. The permit approval has twice been postponed by the council because renovations to the building have yet to be completed and an inspection must first be done by the city before a permit can be issued.

Westervelt has said he plans to expand to a recreational marijuana store at the site if the state law is approved and the city votes to allow it in Rockland.

That was met with opposition from immediate neighbors to the 500 Main St. site.

Rockland Main Street Inc. conducted a survey in the fall of 2016 in which nearly half the people responding said they did not want a marijuana store in downtown Rockland. The results were 89 opposed, 78 in support and 29 saying maybe. When asked how they felt about a marijuana store being located elsewhere in Rockland, there was more support, with 96 in favor, 60 opposed and 39 saying maybe.

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Comments (9)
Posted by: James Clinton Leach | Jul 24, 2018 07:36

R Tuttles vacant auto salvage business location next to the Methadone Clinic is a more appropriate location I would think and plenty of space to not see the all the people on the deck at Hills enjoying the view and lunch / Dinner will be ashame....And Mike really...

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Jul 21, 2018 12:14


There is quite a market for it everywhere, not just here in Rockland.



Medical marijuana is dispensed through Dr. and hospitals for several known medical issues.  One of the major ones is cancer.



One is enough with in less than a  mile radius from each other.



Please do not put all of us tax payers of Rockland into one group called "Rockland".  We all have different opinions.  Why can't Rockland have both?  "Pot Shops" do not belong with all the Non Profit Art Galleries, now do they?  What is sad is that many many of the public have their head in the sand about Medical Marijuana.  Before shooting off your opinion,  many of you should do some home work first on this subject.



How easy it is to judge those who do not live by other's values.  I do not know "that man", so therefore, I can not assume that he is out to make money.  Do you know him personally?

Posted by: Claire Florence Seekins | Jul 19, 2018 20:58

I personally think Hills should stay and that so called pot place should move to New York,  one is enough or maybe to much, rite next to a bar, perfect get your pot and drink to, come on people not next to all the fairs and things going on here in Rockland,  That man who owns the building, is out for money and doesn't care who he sells it to, say no to this it's stupid.

Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Jul 19, 2018 09:05

So Hill's Seafood is business as usual? Maybe a side of cannabis?


Posted by: Samantha Hill | Jul 18, 2018 17:20

Just to let everyone know, we are business as usual at Hill’s Seafood Co., some please come join us for lunch or dinner Tuesday through Sunday 11:30am -9pm. Thanks!

Posted by: Margo Beth Mindykowski | Jul 18, 2018 17:15

Honestly can't they find another location other than Main Street?   I don't think that this would impress the tourists once Rockland turns into "pot-sales central."   One facility is enough for Main Street.  I'm not saying hide it - I'm saying that there must be some more beneficial use for that property that will help the city and the tourism industry.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jul 18, 2018 15:59

Sad this could happen in Rockland. If Cannabis is medicine then why is it not at the Medical Center and condoned by the medical professionals? Or is it?


Posted by: Edwin E Ecker | Jul 18, 2018 15:53

How times have changed !

Remember when pot was the evil drug that was going to be the end of our generation ?

So today we accept drugs, glorify alcohol but don't you DARE put that nasty cigarette in your mouth !

Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Jul 18, 2018 13:55

Well who knew that cannabis would outsell seafood? Must be quite a market for it in Rockland.

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