second half of May 2020 by Ananur Forma astrologer since 1976

May 18, 2020

second half of  May 2020 calculated for the East Coast by Ananur Forma


May 20 -  June 20 By the way, just a little bit of a heads up—early morning on June 21 is going to be a solar eclipse/New Moon and solstice! The Sun will enter Gemini May 20 at 9:49 a.m. East Coast time and remain there for a month until June 20. At this point you are open to learning and sharing what excites you. What makes you laugh will find you sharing with animated projection. You want to have fun and do a variety of things that connect you with others. Talk about social distancing: I think all Gemini individuals are allergic to it.

May 20 – 22 Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Gemini and are in a challenging aspect to Neptune. In order to not feel discouraged that living life here on this strange planet is too harsh for you, you may want to select an uplifting film to watch. I always feel inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches. Maybe you could read one of his speeches. Maya Angelou’s writings are also incredibly uplifting. (See Oprah’s interview of her on YouTube.) Now is the time to seek out what your heart longs to hear. Perhaps you might write something incredibly uplifting in story form to tell your grandkids.

May 22 The New Moon takes place at 1:39 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees of Gemini. This is good news because Saturn is at 1 degree of Aquarius, bringing about stability and calm. This is not an emotional Moon phase—it’s more about knowing what you think and then philosophizing or preaching it to whoever will listen to you. Of course you want to be funny; that will get more attention. Our president has the Sun and Uranus in Gemini, which could make him even more changeable. Enough said.

May 24 – 26 Mercury in Gemini is in an awkward (150 degrees) aspect to Pluto. Adjustments need to be made. You are not seeing the whole picture, which makes you anxious and confused. There’s no way to know the truth right now about how this whole virus thing started and why. I personally believe that 5G in China and Italy helped to make those with weakened immune systems even weaker and unable to find the inner resources to fight off this virus. Why it got started, I don’t believe we really know yet.

May 27 Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Saturn, which is about negative worrisome thoughts coming up to be examined or ignored.

May 28 – June 4 Mercury is in Cancer and clouding the thinking process with old emotional patterns picked up in childhood or teenage years. Unless you’ve done work to clear your past, you are still under the spell of old beliefs that you might not even believe in anymore. Mercury in Cancer rules the subconscious area. That means that many thoughts are hidden. There needs to be light shining on the path to unearth old thoughts for retrieval and healing. That gives you plenty to do for a month. Writing and painting may work as therapeutic vehicles.

May 30 – June 2 The Sun and Venus in Gemini are in a challenging aspect with Mars in Pisces. Don’t fall into the old pattern of feeling sorry for yourself or for others. I do believe that pre-birth, while you were still in the Spiritual Realm, you decided what lessons and qualities you wanted in this lifetime. Have you read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton or any of his books? All of Newton’s books  are based on research and are good at explaining that which we already know deep down inside about being at home in the Spirit Realms, before we came back here. We’re here to wake up and remember where we came from, and who we are, and how can we be helpful. My thought is that most of you reading this already know this. Oh, and another good little book that just came out, by my ACIM (A Course in Miracles) friend, Pamela Whitman:is titled, "Yield to Joy." You can get it on Amazon. It‘s written with cleverness, humor, and profound wisdom for living here on planet earth. I love this book. I’m reading it very slowly to digest every word she shares. I started reading it fast because it was funny and profound, and then realized I needed to slow down to digest it.  It must be the Taurus energy in the atmosphere in the beginning of May. when I began to read it that nudged me to slow down.

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