Searsport Elementary School First Graders Swim Safely at the Waldo County YMCA

By Waldo County YMCA | Nov 16, 2012
Photo by: Sara Shute First Grade Students from Searsport Elementary School visit the Tom & Sally Savage Pool Complex at the Waldo County YMCA.

First Grade Students from Searsport Elementary School (pictured) were the first to participate in the Waldo County YMCA’s “1st Grade Swim Safety Program” for the 2012/2013 School Year.

Living in Maine means having lakes, rivers and the beautiful Maine Coastline nearby and the Y believes it is of the utmost importance to teach all young people that swimming safely can be a lifelong activity.

When the Y built its pool complex they promised the community they would offer every first grader in Waldo County a “1st Grade Swim Safety” experience. By offering this no cost program, the Y is keeping that promise.

The YMCA has provided this experience to more than 450 Waldo County First Graders since its inception in 2010. The program consists of three separate sessions. The initial session includes a visit to the classroom by a Y Aquatics Staff member, they review the “Be Cool, Follow the Rules” safety lesson where they discuss the importance of knowing and understanding the rules before going swimming. The next two sessions take place at The Tom & Sally Savage Pool Complex in the warm water pool. First the Y focuses on “Swimming with a Buddy in a Supervised Area” where students discuss the importance of swimming where an adult can see you and always swimming with a buddy and never swimming alone. The next visit to the pool consists of the “Reach or Throw –Don’t go!” safety lesson that shows swimmers how they can safely assist a person in distress without putting themselves in danger. Students practice reaching and throwing floatation devices from the pool deck to safely assist distressed swimmers without going into the water themselves.

The Waldo County YMCA wants to ensure that every First Grade student in Waldo County has the opportunity to take advantage of this program including home schooled students. If you know of a home schooled First Grader who would like to participate contact the Y to learn how they can take advantage of the no-cost program. Send an email to or call 338-4598 for more details.

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