SeaBlue Physical Therapy offers treatment programs for numerous ailments

By Ben Holbrook | Nov 05, 2012
Photo by: Ben Holbrook SeaBlue Physical Therapy Owner Brad Olsen offers a variety of treatment programs at his office, which is located at Point Lookout in Northport.

Northport — Accessing Point Lookout’s state-of-the-art fitness facilities, SeaBlue Physical Therapy offers evidence-based rehabilitation for issues ranging from sports-related injuries to impaired balance.

SeaBlue Physical Therapy Owner Brad Olsen has lived in Maine since 1992 and opened his therapy clinic at Point Lookout in 2010, relying primarily on word of mouth to bring in new clients. However, before opening his clinic, Olsen wore many hats through the years working as an urchin diver, a construction worker and a pilot.

It’s those job experiences that Olsen says help him better treat his patients, since he understands many different careers and the toll it can take on the body.

“I look at why the pain is there,” Olsen said about his practice. “I look at the reason behind the injury. I don’t want to just treat the symptoms.”

Olsen’s approach to treating his clients is to tailor a treatment plan that specifically addresses the problem presented. For instance, Olsen explained his process for handling a baseball player who is experiencing rotator cuff pain. First, Olsen said he gathers a detailed history to determine some of the factors that can contribute to that particular ailment.

Then, Olsen said he asks if the person is experiencing any neck pain, numbness in the hands, the level of pain and other similar questions.

The shoulder, which Olsen eagerly admits is one of his favorite parts of the body to work on due to its complexity, can present pain in different ways that aren’t always related to that specific section of the body, he explained. He tries to gather as much information as possible because some pain issues may present themselves in one part of the body, but the issue is actually the result of a problem in a different part of the body.

“A knee issue could actually be caused by a problem in your lower back,” Olsen said.

Those details then help him determine the appropriate treatment plan, which can involve a combination of manual work on the joints and therapeutic exercise.

Although it is often challenging, the process of finding out what is wrong with a client is a motivator for Olsen who readily admits he enjoys the process of diagnosing a particular issue. Being able to give an accurate diagnosis goes a long way towards helping a client, as Olsen noted many pain issues can be fixed by making sure a person’s body is moving properly.

“If the body is moving correctly, usually the pain goes away,” he said.

Once Olsen diagnoses an issue, he said he uses a combination of manual therapy, which involves working on a client’s joints, and therapeutic exercises –– many of which can be performed at home.

As he continues to grow his business, Olsen said one of the most important aspects of his clinic is offering one-on-one treatment and being available to his clients to answer questions. If someone has a question about a new symptom or need clarification on a technique for a home exercise, Olsen encourages him or her to contact him and he will respond as quickly as possible.

SeaBlue Physical Therapy accepts all forms of insurance except for MaineCare, Olsen said.

Olsen can be contacted by telephone at (207) 706-6076 to schedule an appointment or a doctor can fax a referral to him at 1-877-807-8994. SeaBlue Physical Therapy is located in the Fitness Center at Point Lookout in Northport.

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