By Cross Insurance | Dec 20, 2012

Can you believe that winter is here already? Time flies. Always has, always will. However, as risk managers, we think that you should slow down for a moment and ask yourself if your riskprotection program has kept pace with the changing times.

Just as your business needs might have changed significantly since your last review, so have the methods of protecting you from risk of loss. New policies have been created, new techniques in risk management developed, and new exposures arisen.

     Consider these questions:

-Is your current risk protection program as uptodate as it needs to be to meet your business needs today?

-What if your business were unable to operate due to extensive damage?

-How much income would you lose during the time it takes to open the doors again?

-Or would your choice be to reopen as quickly as possible at another location? Bear in mind that the "hurry up" expense of making the move, installing the necessary equipment, and notifying your clients would prove a painful unplanned burden.

Let's schedule a time for a review. Our professional staff stands ready to work with you. Regardless of your firm's situation, it's important to get a comprehensive risk review of your business as it is today, not as it was years ago. Call us. We're here to help.

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