Scam requests computer access

By Juliette Laaka | Jan 24, 2013

Rockland — A Rockland woman received two strange calls Jan. 23. The first she answered, the second she did not.

The first call — from a local 593 number — said her computer had a virus, and if she gave access to the machine, the problem would be fixed. She hung up the phone and called her daughter to verify the call was a scam.

The second call was from a California number.

An automated voice message said the California number was not in service, and the Maine number went to voice mail. The voice mail was also an automated voice.

Rockland Police Deputy Chief Wally Tower said the department has received several calls about similar incidents the past two days.

"It's a scam. Just hang up and not entertain them," he said, adding it is not a new scheme.

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