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By WRFR-LP Radio | Jan 18, 2014
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Red Barn Radio with Rodger Strickland Saturday 8-10 am

IMGP8527 (2) Get your Saturday morning  started right with a show that will highlight a specific artist each week with a creative mix of deep track gems including interviews and  in depth examination of the influences and times surrounding the artist’s creative period. From the Talking Heads to the B 52’s to the Grateful Dead and Beck, each week we’ll uncover the stories behind the artists and the  tracks that made an impact on music and culture.



Morning Mental Health with Adrian Counce Saturday 10am-12pm

morningmentalhealthMusic from artists that you probably know, but never get any air time – and leaves you wondering why? All things obscure and strange. Songs that move you and make you think, such as: Pink Floyd, David Bowie to “Guns and Roses,” and “ Alice in Chains.” A wide range of genres played with extreme change ups from one song to the next. Always a surprise with the… “Morning Mental Health,” radio show.”



Penobscot Bay Report with Ron Huber Saturday 12-1pm

penobscotbayreportFor people who enjoy, work on and care about Maine’s biggest bay. While relaxing to the natural and human sounds of Penobscot Bay–its waves, winds and wildlife; its foghorns, fishing craft and ferryboats–get your weekly update on the doings of local, state and federal agencies and interest groups grappling with overseeing the bay’s commercial and recreational fishers and hunters, aquaculturists, coastal developer wannabes, and its licensed and unlicensed dischargers.

Hear recordings from recent bay-related meetings and public hearings, interviews with retired and working sea captains and readings from 19th century marine scientists exploring and documenting the state of the bay and the Gulf of Maine before the twentieth century’s mechanized fisheries, petrochemicals and other advanced technology changed them forever. And learn how to become a Penobscot Bay Report radio correspondent!



Weekend Roundtable with Ron Huber Saturday 1-2pm

penobscotbayreportWeekend Roundtable brings listeners the latest about one of Knox County’s biggest, most politically-connected and controversial employers the Maine State Prison! Join host Ron Huber for and hour of investigative journalism, discussion and commentary about the Maine State Prison system—its regulations and policies and how well it meets them. Learn about the industry side of the “Prison-Industrial Complex”, elements of the “Good Old Boy Network” involved, and efforts to privatize Maine’s prisons, and hear reviews of conditions inside from prison guards and inmates. All interlaced with the wild music of Jimi Hendrix. Call-ins welcome. 207-593-0013



Old Time Radio with Ron Huber Saturday 2-3pm

penobscotbayreport“Old Time Radio,” with Ron Huber  brings you back to those exciting, enchanting days of the 1940′s and 50′s, when families & friends gathered  to “watch the radio”.at home, or in the car. Back when the storytellers of the day brought their tales to hundreds of  radio theater troupes across America and the world.  Enjoy selections from these lively comedies, relentless detectives, gripping dramas, cowboys, Native Americans, soldiers, pirates and spies in endless tumult, out-of-this-world science fiction and more.




Beam Me Up with Paul Cole Saturday 4-5pm

beammeupScience and Science Fiction stories and discussion. I discuss the cutting edge science or research of the day and how it has or might influence the science fiction of the future. Time permitting, I read some of the best and most interesting science fiction stories by some of the leading authors of today and the past. You can catch my show live or listen at a later time by logging on to my podcast at:




I Made You This Mixtape with Nate Greenleaf Saturdays 5-6pm

MIX-TAPE-STICKER (2) ”I Made You This Mixtape,” with Nate Greenleaf, revives the personal compilation tapes produced by individuals in the 1980′s. Often built upon a theme, the mixtape consisted of songs, poetry, comedy bits, clips from tv shows and movies, whatever… as long as it aided the creator to express what they were thinking and feeling. Usually the mixtape was created with a specific listener in mind. Our program seeks to resuscitate the now lost art of fitting as much sentiment as possible into 49 minutes. Find out how to contribute at




Tomorrow the Green Grass with Ian Kennedy Saturday 6pm-8pm

tomorrowthegreengrassTomorrow the Green Grass with Ian Kennedy offers an eclectic mix of old & new folk, blues, rock & country for mind, body and soul.






Solo Salsa with Pedro Delgado Saturday 11pm – 1am

solosalsaJoin Pedro for salsa and only salsa every saturday night!






Calendar Girl! Everyday, Every hour

Calendar GirlFind out what’s happening in Midcoast Maine. At the top of every hour Teisha Jones brings you highlights from the community calendar in the FreePress.
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