SAT Prep Starts January 22nd - 5 Ways to Prepare!

By The Study Hall | Jan 08, 2018

The Study Hall is offering these SAT opportunities for the March 10th and April 10th SAT Exams:

FREE PSAT Analysis-

The Study Hall offers PSAT analysis to help parents and students understand and interpret the PSAT results. Our tutors can help to determine the areas of weakness a student has, and thus areas to work on before taking the actual SATs. Free through January 31, 2017.

SAT Practice-

The Study Hall will proctor and score SAT practice test afterschool. Students can come to our facility, for an hour Monday through Friday, and take 1-2 sections of an SAT practice test. A tutor will be on hand to time and score the test. This is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to test questions, and work on their timing. The cost is $10 an hour and there is no limit to the number of times a student can come in.

Full Length SAT Practice Test-

The Study Hall will administer and score a full length practice test on Saturday, March 24th. This test is designed to simulate actual test taking conditions. Students will be exposed to the entire test, essay included, with the time restraints employed on test day. The cost of this is $15. For $60 students can take the test and have an hour of one-on-one prep to go over the scores. The test is free for students that are enrolled in our prep course.

SAT Prep Classes-

SAT Prep classes start the week of January 22nd for the March 10th SAT test and February 26th for the April 10th SAT test.  Each class runs for 6 consecutive weeks (no class Feb vacation week). The cost is $300 for one subject (math or verbal) or $500 for both subjects. There is an additional book fee of $20. Maximum of 12 students per class.

One-On-One SAT Prep-

One-On-One SAT Prep is the most individualized and flexible option that The Study Hall offers. During the one-on-one sessions, the tutor is available to discuss past SAT scores or PSAT scores and develop a strategy for future tests. This enables them to design a program that concentrates on your child's specific needs. The cost for the one-on-one SAT Prep is $60 an hour.

Call The Study Hall for more information at 236-3949 or email

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