SAD 28, Camden Hills budget input meetings set for March 20

By Staff | Mar 17, 2017
Photo by: Louis Bettcher

Camden — Officials in both the School Administrative District 28 and Five Town Community School District will present proposed budgets at two public meetings on Monday, March 20.

A proposed budget for School Administrative District 28 reflects a 2.12 percent increase overall, with an anticipated 2 percent increase to Camden and Rockport taxpayers compared to the previous year.

Camden Hills Regional High School administration have proposed a $12.7 million budget, which represents about a 4 percent increase to taxpayers.

The SAD 28 meeting will be held Monday, March 20, at 6 p.m. and the Camden Hills budget meeting at 7 p.m., in the chorus room at Camden Hills Regional High School to seek public input.

SAD 28 includes Camden-Rockport Elementary and Camden-Rockport Middle School, while the Five Town CD budget includes Camden Hills Regional High School.

SAD 28

The total budget is proposed at $13.36 million, up $278,316 from the previous year.

An increase of approximately $62,000 in state subsidies may offset some anticipated expenses including a 10 percent or $181,349 budget increase in the special education department.

This increase in special education is represented by the addition four positions: a Director of Behavioral Service for $37,000, a special education teacher at CRMS for $74,000 and two Behavioral Health professionals for $25,000 (the budget impact of one.)

The proposed 2 percent increase to taxpayers is estimated at $242,730. Camden residents would experience a tax increase of 1.77 percent or $117,711. Rockport residents would see a higher increase of 2.35 percent or $125,020.

Instruction cost is typically the largest portion of the budget and the expected cost to educate children at Camden-Rockport elementary and middle schools for 2017-2018 is approximately $5.3 million, up 3.4 percent or $173,403.

Other cost centers are proposed as follows:

— Other instruction, $105,000 up $11,000

— Student/staff support, $1 million up $27,000

— Operations and maintenance, $1.76 million down $96,000

— Debt service, $1.2 million, down $41,000

Camden Hills

A $12.7 million budget, which represents about a 2.6 percent increase is proposed for Camden Hills.

The total budget is up about $326,000 and the spending package reflects a 2.5 percent loss, or nearly $49,000, in state aid.

As the budget stands now, taxpayers in the Five Towns would pay 3.71 percent more or $366,917 than last year. Rockport would see a 3.47 percent increase ($120,976) in its contribution. Hope would see the largest increase, 8.07 percent ($51,248 more); followed by Camden paying 5.04 percent or $189,898 more; Appleton's share would increase by 2.12 percent or $9,653; and Lincolnville's share would decrease by 0.31 percent or $4,858.

Instruction costs, which is the largest portion of the budget, is proposed at $4.97 million, up about 4 percent. The school administration budget is proposed to increase 11 percent for a total of $505,676.

Other costs centers are proposed as follows:

Special education --- $1.15 million, up $64,284 or 5.9 percent

Vocational education — $1.07 million, up $60,051 or 5.9 percent

Student/staff support — $1.14 million, down $20,491 or 1.7 percent

System administration — $458,681, up $15,595 or 3.6 percent

Operations and maintenance — $1.25 million, down $21,716 or 1.7 percent

Debt service — $1.16 million, down $55,450 or 4.5 percent

The SAD 28 Board is expected to be held on April 12, at 7 p.m. at Camden Hills Regional High School to approve the proposed SAD 28 budget. And the Five Town CSD Board is expected to approve its budget at the April 5 meeting, which is also at 7 p.m. at the high school.

More detailed information about the budgets can be found at and

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