Russia's Fool

By Ronald Horvath | May 12, 2017

"The Russians took a victory lap inside the White House on Wednesday, perhaps finally proving that Donald Trump is no deft foreign agent, but has by virtue of his pride and impetuousness been made Russia’s fool.

"It’s not enough that Trump and his team of amateurs led a Russian video crew, complete with all of their electronic equipment and God knows what else—listening and surveillance devices, maybe?—inside the Oval Office to photograph the president of the United States grinning alongside Sergey Kislyak, ambassador and known spy recruiter, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who literally laughed at American reporters on his way in the door with Putin pal and America’s constantly upstaged secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. They did so while barring their own country’s media. And so, the only photographs of that shameful klatch come from Russia’s official media arm, TASS."

"It’s as if everyone but Trump is in on the joke: that he is being strung along by cannier men, a Bizarro Nixon without the intellect, whose greed and neediness and vaingloriousness have made our commander in chief a national security threat."

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