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Rugged athletes face obstacles, challenges, scale personal heights

Nearly 125 take physical, mental test, pass with flying colors
By Ken Waltz | Oct 15, 2014
Photo by: Ken Waltz Climbing through a long tube is Courtney Sylvester, a member of the Where's The Moonshine team, during the first Ragged Mountain 5K Scuttle Oct. 11 at the Camden Snow Bowl.

Camden — There certainly are plenty of less strenuous things to do on a cool, overcast, early-fall Saturday morning than run and walk a demanding 3.1-mile mountain course — with 21 challenging obstacles of all shapes and sizes staring one in the face thrown in for good measure.

While that is true, the hardy 124 athletes who participated in the first annual Ragged Mountain Scuttle, a unique 5-kilometer mountain trail challenge Oct. 11 at the Camden Snow Bowl, figured getting down and dirty, elevating the heart rate and seeing what they were made of both physically and mentally was, well, the perfect wake-up call.

Click for photos from this event - gallery I.

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Watch videos below, including a participant's bird's-eye view of the course through a GoPro camera.

Individuals and teams, that consisted of two or more people, challenged the rugged course located mostly on the side near the toboggan chute and Hosmer Pond.

The event essentially allowed adults to go to the playground, albeit with plenty of challenging twists, turns and the chance to enjoy a little king and queen of the mountain.

The fastest individual was by Parker Simon, who covered the challenging course in 21 minutes and 13 seconds, faster than many can run a regular 5K road race. Laura Jellison was the first female finisher in 25:29.1.

The scuttle was the first of its kind in the area and was created as a family event. It featured 21 obstacles, while children could try a smaller course, highlighted with more than eight obstacles.

There were 10 waves of participants, as the event began at 9 a.m. Waves were sent off ever 15 minutes or so.

Among the nearly 40 volunteers were players from the Thomas College (Waterville) men's soccer team.

The event benefited Go! Malawi, the same group that coordinates and directs an annual series of Midcoast road races. Go! Malawi benefits orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Malawi, Africa.

Funds raised will benefit Go! Malawi and the Camden Snow Bowl.

The obstacles will be a permanent part of the Snow Bowl layout.

Jennifer Blanchette, one of the event coordinators,  said the idea was a collaborative effort from Go! Malawi's board of directors and the Camden Snow Bowl

"The obstacle course is being created as a permanent fixture on the Camden Snow Bowl as a way for locals, visitors and athletes to enjoy the rugged terrain with some fun obstacles mixed in," Blanchette said. "The 22 Tacks trail was the perfect location to create the obstacle course. Go! Malawi and the Camden Snow Bowl have partnered together to help raise awareness of each group's missions by creating a fun, family event. The Ragged Mountain Scuttle will be a kickoff race to celebrate the addition of the obstacles to the mountain, and we hope to make it an annual event."

Among the obstacles were a triple wall, monkey bars, angled wall with ropes, balance logs, short wall, hanging tires, tire crawl, horizontal wall, crawl tubes, ladder wall, medium wall, angled wall with ropes, tire breakthrough with slanted wall, bamboo chutes, tire dance, under net crawl, seated tire weighted pull and weighted pull.

Blanchette said the obstacle design and construction were courtesy of Wade Ward and Simon Castle. "They completed everything from mapping out the course, determining obstacles and building them," she said.

A detailed list of the obstacles can be found online at raggedmountainscuttle.com. Obstacles were spaced throughout the course, allowing run time between, while still keeping the course fun and challenging, she said.

Before the event, Blanchette said, "This course will be challenging for all ages; you do not have to be a hardcore athlete to participate or get through this course, however, the obstacles are diverse and complex enough to keep even the most athletic engaged."

The event was sponsored by Boston Beer Company and adult participants enjoyed a Sam Adams at the conclusion of the event. Participants also listened to live music by Captain Obvious from Belfast and enjoyed various vendors and caterers from the Midcoast.

Runners did not hit fire, ice nor electricity, things one would see in the well-known Spartan or Tough Mudder events. Participants of the scuttle faced the mountain terrain, the foliage and 21 obstacles to climb over, jump on or crawl through.

The individual and team results, with team names listed when applicable, were: 1, Simon Parker, 21:13; 2, Patrick Powers, 21:39.6; 3, Christian Wincklhofer, 22:42.4; 4, Pat O'Donnell, 23:19; 5, Ronald Stevenson, 24:33.8; 6, Lauren Jellison, 24:53.3; 7, Matthew Stallard, 25:29.1; 8, Tom Massey, 26:03.8; 9, Steve Deschenes, 26:08.1; 10, Denis Senyondo, ABBIE 2, 26:14.9; 11, Daniel Dasch, 26:51.0; 12, Steve LaPointe, 27:03; 13, Erik Locklear, Thunder Bay, 27:37.1; 14, Daniel Miller, Thunder Bay, 27:44; 15, Tom Chester, Team N=Y, 28:01.1; 16, Sean Monaghan, Dudes & 2 Boobs, 28:02.6; 17, Levi Soper, Dudes & 2 Boobs, 28:13.5; 18, Nick Brown, 28:20.5; 19, Lily Hamill, 28:21.1; 20, Stephen Matteo, 28:22.2; 21, Jason Miller, 29:03.2; 22, Mark Curtis, 29:38.6; 23, John Dietlin, Dudes & 2 Boobs, 29:57.4; 24, Christopher Coleman, 30:14.3; and 25, Connor Chaves, ABBIE 2, 31:07.2.

Also, 26, Scott Naegely, 31:10.2; 27, John Veit, ABBIE 1, 31:49.1; 28, Jamie Pickering, 32:02.2; 29, Abram Fernandez, ABBIE 2, 32:07.2; 30, Rhonda Reardon, 32:10.1; 31, Thomas Reardon Jr., 32:10.9; 32, Shawn Tanter, 32:11.5; 33, Matthew Hunnewell, Dudes & 2 Boobs, 32:17.4; 34, Rene Ruiz, 32:23.6; 35, Tyler Blakney, 33:39.7; 36, Paul Spang, Nor'Eastors, 33:47.4; 37, Sarah Mount, Nor'Eastors, 33:47.6; 38, Darby Urey, Nor'Eastors, 33:47.9; 39, Katie Urey, Nor'Eastors, 33:48.1; 40, Rob Hamilton, Nor'Eastors, 33:48.4; 41, Sarah Godfrey, 33:48.8; 42, Ben Powell, 33:52.1; 43, Kathy Kandziolka, 34:02.7; 44, Phylis Almaraz, ABBIE 1, 34:04.8; 45, Dana Rader, 34:20.5; 46, Anthony Pike, 34:20.7; 47, Adam Hatch, 34:22.2; 48, Erin Michaud, 34:29.2; 49, William Smith, 34:41.1; and 50, Tanner Scott, Thunder Bay, 34:44.1.

Additionally, 51, Jonathan Sawyer, 34:52.9; 52, Mary Hoffmann, 34:57.8; 53, Scott King, 35:03.9; 54, Stefan Durham, 35:12.2; 55, Rachael McCormick, 35:13.4; 56, Sarah Daggett, 35:16.4; 57, Zac Bender, Thunder Bay, 35:19.8; 58, Bethany Powell, 35:23; 59, Joshua Klinzing, ABBIE 1, 35:38.2; 60, Gregory Loya, Abbie 2, 35:40.2; 61, Lane Peterson, Dudes & 2 Boobs, 36:03.6; 62, Shane Blakely, Where's The Moonshine?, 36:06.6; 63, Kyle Sylvester, Where's the Moonshine?, 36:07.1; 64, Kenan Butler, Thunder Bay, 36:18.3; 65, Tom Jones, Team Continuum, 36:21.4; 66, Jordan Knowlton, Team Continuum, 36:21.9; 67, Emily Coleman, 36:27.5; 68, Sam Powell, Team Continuum, 36:41.2; 69, Jennifer McDevitt, ABBIE 2, 36:43.5; 70, Gwen Maddox, Team Continuum, 36:46.5; 71, Michael Gallagher, Team Continuum, 36:47.1; 72, Jessica Daggett, Team Continuum, 36:48.1; 73, Christopher Knowles, 37:06.2; 74, Trisha Cochran, MECA, 37:45.6; and 75, Kyle Weaver, Wolf Pack, 37:48.9.

Also, 76, Mark Merchant, Wolf Pack, 37:49.4; 77, Lucas Brower, Wolf Pack, 37:50; 78, Lyn Tesseyman, Wolf Pack, 37:50.3; 79, Reena Nemirovsky, 38:02.6; 80, Matthew Maniscalco, 38:02.8; 81, Jessica Cote, 39:13.2; 82, Ben Breda, MECA, 39:26.2; 83, Madison McIntosh, MECA, 39:29; 84, Domingo Barra, Abbie 1, 40:00.6; 85, Jessica Schwartz, Dudes & Boobs, 40:22.2; 86, Catherine Sally, 40:25.7; 87, Gabriel Manfugas, ABBIE 2, 40:53.4; 88, Jessica King, 42:45; 89, James Blanchette, Running Ragged, 42:50.8; 90, Kelly Woods, Running Ragged, 42:51.2; 91, Michael Woods, Running Ragged, 42:51.6; 92, Cindy Blais, Running Ragged, 42:52.3; 93, Delisa Morong, Running Ragged, 42:53; 94, Jennifer Blanchette, Running Ragged, 42:53.1; 95, Leslie Denton, 43:16.1; 96, Jennifer Soda, 43:42.2; 97, Linda Bailey, The Misfits, 45:40; 98, Lana McCormick, The Misfits, 45:42.8; 99, Duane Weaver, The Misfits, 45:52.2; and 100, Annette Sprague, The Misfits, 47:00.

Additionally, 101, Jeannine Emery, The Misfits, 47:27.7; 102, Edward Dershem, ABBIE 1, 47:45.2; 103, Alexandra Gillespie, ABBIE 1, 48:08.6; 104, Brittanie Ritchie, 48:24.2; 105, Isaiah Cochran, MECA, 48:34.2; 106, Matt Winchester, 48:48.6; 107, Ellen Winchester Warren, 48:55.7; 108, Mary Lord, 50:37.4; 109, John Bagley, 52:25.7; 110, Erin Bagley, 52:26.2; 111, Janet King, 52:38; 112, Hilary Rackliff, Where's The Moonshine?, 53:05.8; 113, Courtney Sylvester, Where's The Moonshine, 53:10.5; 114, Marci Moody, Where's The Moonshine, 53:10.9; 115, Kerry Bridges, Team KDK, 54:37.9; 116, Theresa Withee, Team KDK, 54:38.4; 117, Jody Dinsmore, Team KDK, 54:38.9; 118, Sierra Kristen Jackson, Team KDK, 54:41; 119, Trina Johnson, Team KDK, 54:45; 120, Mike Phillips, Team KDK, 54:45.7; 121, Fletcher Hall, Team N=Y, 58:09.2; 122, Christina Falla, Team N=Y, 58:13.3; 123, Erik Trott, Team N=Y, 58:15.4; and 124, Melanie Trott, Team N=Y, 58:15.7.

Ragged Mountain Scuttle
Rugged athletes accept challenge of the Ragged Mountain 5K Scuttle Oct. 11 at the Camden Snow Bow. (Video by: Ken Waltz and Holly Vanorse Spicer)
Ragged Mountain 5K Scuttle/Obstacle Race
Lucas Brower of Camden, one of the participants, give's us a bird's-eye view of the course during the Ragged Mountain 5K Scuttle/Obstacle Race Oct. 11 at the Camden Snow Bowl. (Video by: Lucas Brower and Bryan Gess)
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