Rubbish driver dumped for harassment

By Beth A. Birmingham | Feb 27, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

Waldoboro — After an hour of closed door testimony Feb. 25, the Waldoboro Board of Selectmen voted 5-0 to permanently suspend a driver of a local trash removal company for harassment.

The Department of Public Works had received complaints from Transfer Station personnel regarding "unacceptable behavior" by Wayne Leeman, a driver for Joe's Rubbish Removal.

In October 2013, Transfer Station operator Alfred McKay informed Public Works Director John Daigle that Leeman refused to sign the required hauler's log — which records the yards of trash and recycling from each load being deposited at the Waldoboro site. This procedure is necessary for proper billing to the hauler from the town.

McKay's statement also indicated that Leeman "brought a blank piece of yellow paper on a clipboard and wanted me to initial it," which he refused.

"He wanted to argue the point and voices got raised," said McKay of the incident. Later that day, Daigle served Leeman with a warning letter, noting his "abusive behavior toward the Transfer Station personnel and its permitted users."

"Any further unacceptable behavior, I may be forced to request your departure from the Transfer Station and request a hearing from the Transfer Station Committee," concluded the warning.

The Solid Waste Disposal and Required Recycling Ordinance states, "The Transfer Station Committee may conduct a hearing and may, in its discretion and based upon the severity of the behavior and any prior offenses, issue a written warning to the offending user or suspend or revoke the user's privilege to use the Transfer Station and/or Landfill."

Two more incidents were filed with Daigle in December regarding Leeman's continued unacceptable behavior — one in which the police were called to the site. As warranted, Daigle requested a hearing to consider recommending suspending or revoking Joe's Rubbish Removal's privilege to use the Transfer Station.

At the Feb. 25 meeting, it was determined to allow Joe's Rubbish Removal to continue to utilize the Transfer Station, without the services of Leeman.

Terry Gifford, owner of Joe's Rubbish Removal, had no comment.

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