Route 1 face-lift begins in Warren, Thomaston

By Beth A. Birmingham | Jun 16, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Much needed work is slated to begin on Route 1 in Warren next week. Lane Construction Corporation will begin the 1.39 miles of reconstruction from Sandy Shores Road to Route 97.

Warren — A $4.6 million reconstruction of Route 1 in Warren begins this week, according to the Maine Department of Transportation.

The project includes reconstruction of Route 1 from just south of Sandy Shores Road and extending 1.39 miles north to Route 97 in Warren, according to Ted Talbot, MDOT spokesman.

Clearing of brush and trees along the roadside will begin this week, and bid-winner Lane Construction Corporation will begin the reconstruction next week. Lane is headquartered in Cheshire, Conn.

The widening of the road is being done to allow for two-way traffic to be maintained throughout the project, said Talbot.

"We will go as long as we can through the season and pick it back up in the spring," said Talbot. The expected completion date is August 2015. Crews will not be working on July 4 or Labor Day weekend, according to Talbot.

This project nearly abutts the face-lift being completed on Main Street in Thomaston.

Town Manager Val Blastow said the road condition warranted a temporary overlay until the actual reconstruction next fall occurs.

"This highway section of Thomaston was in design back in 2003 and ceased along with the Warren project based on public outcry," said Blastow in an email response June 16.

A portion of Route 1 from Route 131 to Wadsworth Street was cut down to one-lane traffic June 16.

The intersection of Route 131 north at Montpelier was resurfaced the week of June 8, slowing traffic to a crawl.

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Repaving cut traffic to one lane in Thomaston on June 16. Road conditions warranted the overlay that extends from Route 131 through Main Street, until the full reconstruction is done in the fall of 2015. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: PETER LAMMERT | Jun 17, 2014 08:51

I'm sure everyone who had to travel Rt. 1 through Thomaston last winter/Spring appreciates the "overlay" that MeDot has just completed in Thomaston. The rest of the pavement would surely go to you know where this coming winter if something had not been done.

Drivers, please remember that it is just a skim coat of asphalt to get us through to the complete rebuilding of Rt. 1 through town (From Thomaston Place Auction Gallery to Crick Hill) next year. Before that rebuild though, the Town of Thomaston will be doing surface water under draining and the Maine Water Co. will be replacing the ancient water line (that is presently under the concrete in Rt 1 )in the near future. Thomaston will be working with the water company to get both jobs done by one contractor digging up the road once instead of twice

Then, the following year, the MeDOT road rebuilding job will take place.

This leads me to ask the MeDiot engineers (Ernie, you are in this group ! )to get some exceptionally large signs up on Rt 1 in Warren, between Stirlingtown Road and the tractor sales and repair shop, advising motorists headed to Rockland to do the infamous "seek alternate route" and suggest that the alternate route be Rt 90 to Rt 17, hang a right and be in Rockland 7 minutes later than through Thomaston with no one on Rt. 1. A large map would also be helpful as some of the chickens do not read or comprehend the written word very well.

I also complement our Thomaston office staff for the verbal abuse that they received via telephone the day MeDot started the repaving project. Paving major roads requires huge coordination between the hired trucks to haul the material and all the other staff on hand to help you get through the area being paved.

I heard from one person stuck in traffic around the Veterinary Clinic on Rt 131 who said he didn't know that there were that many vehicles down the St. George peninsula.

Posted by: Lawrence Butler | Jun 17, 2014 05:30

Welcome development, despite the impact on summer traffic.

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