Ronald and Thomas could be the twofer you're looking for

Nov 14, 2017
Littermates Ronald, left, and Thomas are about 7 months old.

What’s more fun than a playful, young cat? Two playful, young cats, of course!

Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan, handsome littermates currently holding office at P.A.W.S., care absolutely nothing about politics; the only platform they endorse is the one that calls for plenty of tasty food, playtime, cuddles and catnaps for all.

When these two sibs arrived at the shelter a few months ago, they were about 4 months old — no longer tiny kittens, but definitely still babies. Around the same time, we also had a gaggle of heart-meltingly adorable 8-week-old kittens, and whenever that happens, visitors tend either to make a beeline for the kittens or go straight to the older, fully mature cats. Tthe ones in the middle, the “adolescents,” are ignored.

Thomas and Ronald are now about 7 months old, and while they've spent most of their lives at the shelter, they haven’t let that get them down. We think it would be great if someone would adopt them together — they enjoy each other's company, and Ronald’s playfulness is the yin to Thomas’ more serious yang — but each of them would likely do just as well as a family's only cat. Either way, won’t you please help us find a home for these handsome boys so they won’t have to spend the holidays at the shelter?

Meanwhile, smaller kittens continue to pour into the shelter. We took in 25 more last week alone — and that’s not counting the four fluffballs born two days after their pregnant mama crossed our threshold. Her brood arrived healthy, but unfortunately, most of the other "mew-comers" are not. Many are battling colds, wormy bellies and other common kitty complaints. These little ones need all our love and care, as well as medications and good food, and the cost is straining our budget.

Could you find it in your cash flow to make a monetary donation to help defray the cost of meds and other supplies? Or perhaps you could drop off some canned cat food or a bag or two of kitty litter. Our cats do fine on inexpensive Friskies and store-brand, nonclumping litter, but we’d be grateful for anything you’re willing to give. Supplies such as food and litter can be left anytime, day or night, inside the unlocked vestibule of our building at 123 John St. in Camden; and donating money is quick, easy and secure at (The website also has a helpful, up-to-the-minute wishlist of the items we need most now.)

As always, we thank you for your support.

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