Rockport tax rate increases

By Stephanie Grinnell | Sep 02, 2014

Rockport — Rockport residents will see an increase to property tax bills for the second year in a row.

According to a press release from Assessor Kerry Leichtman, the 2014 tax rate is $12.99, or $1,299 per $100,000 of property value. This is a $.30 (2.36%) increase above the previous rate of $12.69.

"We anticipate that tax bills will be mailed toward the end of this week, sometime around Sept. 4. Taxpayers will receive one tax bill with the option of making two installments, the first payment is due Oct. 15 and the second payment is due April 15, 2015, with a 7 percent interest rate on unpaid taxes," Leichtman said in the release.

Last year was the first year since 2011 residents saw in increase in the property tax rate, according to previously published reports, and the largest increase since 2001 came in 2008 as property taxes jumped 10.2 percent from $10.20 to $11.24.

Questions regarding 2014 property taxes should be directed to Rockport Town Office at 236-6758 or online at

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Posted by: Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Sep 03, 2014 07:40

I am not a Rockport resident as I live in Camden but the principle applies to all the towns.  A responsible business or everyday person looks to see see how much money is available to spend (income) and then adjusts the expenditures to accordingly.  The town, state, and federal governments figure out how much they want to spend and then tax the populace accordingly.  Is something wrong here?

Posted by: Susan P Reitman | Sep 02, 2014 14:57

Because the government does not want to.  Why should they when than can spend what they want using other people's money [tax payers money].  The taxpayers are the only ones who can stop them and it is called a TAX REVOLT BOSTON TEA PARTY STYLE but people here in Maine see to be adverse to that idea.  THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER IF THEY WOULD JUST USE IT.

Posted by: Jim Gamage | Sep 02, 2014 14:38

I am not a mathematician nor a business scholar.  However, if I can print a P & L monthly and look at areas to reduce spending or cut services in order to save money and increase my bottom line, why is it government cannot do the same for the taxpayers checkbook?

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