Rockport Select Board approves Frank Ferraiolo memorial

By Louis Bettcher | Jan 11, 2017
Source: Live Stream Members of the Rockport Select Board, from left, Geoff Parker, Ken McKinley, Bill Chapman, Brendan Riordan and Owen Casas at the Rockport Opera House on Jan. 9.

Rockport — A memorial plaque in the honor of Frank Ferraiolo, the appointment of Taylor Allen to the Ordinance Review Committee and changes within the Rockport Police Department were discussed at a meeting of the Rockport Select Board on Jan. 9.

Selectmen Ken McKinley moved to approve a request on behalf of the family of Frank Ferraiolo that a plaque be placed in his honor near the Mill Street Bridge in Rockport, at a location to be approved by the Town Manager Rick Bates.

Ferraiolo was killed in a bulldozer accident on Sept. 1, 2016. Ferraiolo and his company Ferraiolo Construction had been engaged in a project on Mill Street over the summer to replace the bridge.

"I think that all of us take for granted this type of work, this infrastructure work that gets done and it is dangerous. We need to honor those people that do that work for us," said McKinley. The Board voted unanimously to approve a memorial be placed in Ferraiolo's honor.

Rockport Town Manager Rick Bates reported that Sgt. Travis Ford has decided to return to his rank of patrol officer.

"He had started talking about this prior to the change-over of having Randy [Gagne] come on, but delayed that to smooth-over the transition and all of that. I believe it has started now, he is switching back over to his role as a patrol officer," Bates said.

Bates said the town is now contemplating how they will provide supervisory coverage at the Rockport Police Department in the absence of a Rockport sergeant on duty. They are also looking into how they would compensate Camden if they are providing the supervision.

"Are we also exploring potentially sending one of our [Rockport] officers that does want to assume a higher level, sending them to some kind of schooling that would give them a supervisory position?" asked Select Board member Owen Casas.

"We're just beginning that process at this point and that's a personnel question that we can't really get into here," Bates said.

Rockport resident Taylor Allen volunteered and was appointed by the Select Board to serve on the Ordinance Review Committee in a unanimous vote.

“What got me interested was the issue of hotels downtown," said Allen. "I also served on this committee many years ago and I found that the process piqued my interest, and thought I might try it again, although I don't think I have a particular agenda.


Asked by Select Board Chairman Bill Chapman what he thought of hotels in downtown Rockport, Allen replied, "I think it's a good idea."


The Select Board is anticipating a number of workshops in the following months to collate information about a new Rockport Public Library, and will be gathering material on two potential sites: 1 Limerock St., the site of the current library structure, and West Street on the parcel of land where the Rockport Elementary School once stood.


Selectman Geoff Parker volunteered to create a matrix of information on both locations, based on answers to questions posed by members of the public at previous meetings. Parker said he plans to have the matrix available at a special library workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 7 p.m.


“I move that the Rockport Select Board acknowledges and accepts the responsibility to present to the citizens of Rockport a single comprehensive proposal on a new library, with the goal of a delivery in time for a June vote,” Parker said. The motion was seconded by McKinley.


"I think it's this board's duty to do all the things the Ad Hoc Library Committee did, down to having a drawing, having a good handle on cost and a good handle on the [cost] split because it will have to be public and private funding. What I don't think would be helpful is to say, 'do you like this?' I want to come up to the June ballot with the proposal," said Parker.

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