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By Rick Bates | May 06, 2019

Dear neighbors,

In case anyone is unaware, I am writing to bring you up to date on the status of the library project, as we know it today.

The library bids all came in higher than expected and the Select Board rejected all the bids. At a subsequent meeting the Select Board considered several options available to them, one of which was negotiating with another contractor to build the building.  Our Owner’s Representative, Phi Builder’s and Architects, informed the Board that they were willing to build the building at the a guaranteed not to exceed price of $2,971,344.55, based on the estimate they had provided in March. With a total cost, including the parking and soft costs, within the $3.5 million dollar budget.

After some discussion, the board unanimously accepted the offer, at which point, Phi submitted their letter of resignation as the Owner’s Rep. for the project, as they can’t be responsible for building the building and  be the Owner’s Rep. at the same time.  You can watch that meeting at the following link:

Charlie Frattini has been your contact thus far in the project and I will be taking over that role into the future.

So, after months of stops and starts things are finally starting to happen.  I fully understand that this project is a major inconvenience for some of you and for a few, it will be disruptive.  For that I am sorry.  That said, I am hopeful that having regular updates, so you know what is going on, will be helpful. I am starting that  process now.  Please feel free to send me the names of any additional neighbors that we might have missed and I will add them to the list.

Project update as of May 6

The construction fence will be going up very soon, possibly as early as late this week.  This fence will go around the park and the library site. Some of the trees (not all) that are in the way of the fence, will come down prior to that.  The small trees along Union Street will be salvaged and moved.

The lower end of Limerock will be closed off during most of the construction, so it might be a good idea to start using Huse Street, to access your home once the fence goes up, as it could be closed off very soon.

The construction on the stream will begin the week of May 13. This is expected to take about two weeks.  Office trailers will begin to arrive soon after the fence goes up.

We need to blast out ledge to get the building on the site. We knew this all along. We will begin the pre-blast survey over the next few weeks. You will receive a certified, returned receipt letter in the mail over the next week.  This will be asking to gain access to your property so the blasting company, Maine Drilling and Blasting, can create a photographic record of the existing conditions of your property. This is important in the event of any insurance claims you might have.  Failure to take part in the survey may make it difficult for you to make an insurance claim in the future. So it is best to take part in the survey.

The blasting will take place the first week of June.  This is not the blasting like you see on TV, where rocks fly in the air.  Maine Drilling is the best company in the State of Maine.  They are taking a conservative approach. The blasting will take eight to 10 days, because they will be doing smaller charges.  This produces less of a “bang,” rather than having one big bang, to do the whole thing in one charge. There is a fairly small amount of ledge to be removed, but we are trying to do it the safest and most conservative way possible.

Once the blasting is complete, the excavation will begin, likely on or about, the second week of June. This will likely take about a week. This will be followed by forms going in and the foundation being poured.  This work will likely be starting on or about the third week of June. The goal is to have the building weather-tight by November.

Construction will move inside for the winter months. The exterior masonry, windows etc., will not go in until next spring.

This is not an exhaustive list but will give you an idea as to the tentative schedule of the project. I don’t know about you but after all these years, it is good to finally be starting to build this library.

Please reach out to me with any concerns that you might have.

Rick Bates is the Rockport town manager.




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Comments (1)
Posted by: RALPH WALLACE | May 07, 2019 10:29

Rick Bates:   Thank you for a succinct, descriptive description of the library project. We are close neighbors of the project and fully understand that there will be minor inconveniences for us. Quite frankly, that is a small price to pay to see this wonderful community library get started.

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