Rockport Fire plans toll booth fundraiser Aug. 8

By Dwight Collins | Aug 05, 2014
Courtesy of: Rockport Fire Department

Rockport — Rockport Fire Department will have a “Toll Booth” fundraiser Friday, Aug. 8, at the intersection of routes 90 and 17 from 2 to 6 p.m.

The department is trying to raise funds for a number of items, including tools that will help them service the town more efficiently.

According to Chief Jason Peasley, the cost of running a fire department has increased dramatically during the past few years and with the implementation of new laws covering safety and the replacement timeline of equipment, departments look to donations to help support operations.

“If we ask the town and the taxpayers for money to replace the equipment, the taxpayer has no choice whether to help financially support us or not,” he said. “This way, if people have a few extra dollars and want to contribute, that's great, but it is still their choice.”

Peasley said traditionally, a set of turn-out gear (protective clothing) could be used for 25 years before having to be replaced. With new laws, each set needs to replaced every 10 years at a cost of approximately $1,600 a set.

“We are mandated by law to replace equipment within the given timeframe,” Peasley said. “Not to mention the safety of the 31 volunteer firefighters, who give their time, even at 3 a.m., to make sure the residents of Rockport are taken care of, is extremely important.”

Peasley said not only will the toll booth raise money for Rockport Fire Department, but also the newly formed Pacific Engine Co., a non-profit organization to help fund additional department needs.

“You don't have to donate anything at the toll booth but it would be great if we could get everyone to help us fill the boot,” he said.

Anyone interested in making a donation can drive through the toll booth Aug. 8 or mail a check to Rockport Fire Department, P.O. Box 142, Rockport, ME 04856, or drop it off at the fire station during regular business hours.

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Posted by: wende newton walsh | Aug 07, 2014 07:11

a $5000 line item in the budget would cover the turn out gear and cost the taxpayers each $1 a year for a legally mandated NEED.  We taxpayers SHOULD be funding this type of item and FD fundraising would be to fund other dept. needs.  Hope their efforts meet with resounding success from a grateful public.


Posted by: Steven D Bryant | Aug 06, 2014 06:35

The dedication and bravery of these firefighters like so many before and so many yet to come deserve the complete support of their town. Give up a pack of cigarettes, cold beer, or in my case a scratch ticket for a day and give that money where it is "really" needed.

Thank you to Chief Peasley and his team for their countless hours of training and their dedication to service.

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