Rockport Alumni Association donates $5,000 to Bleacher Project.

By Charles H Crockett | Jul 29, 2014
Photo by: Penny Crockett (photo : Eileen Mehta donating her check of $5,000 to Charlie Crockett at the Rockport Alumni Annual Meeting.)

At their annual meeting in July , the Rockport Alumni, from classes 1930- 1965,  voted to donate $5,000 to the Camden Hills Community Bleacher Project. After an extended discussion over the possibility of a donation, Eileen Mehta from the Rockport HS class of 1965 donated a check for $5,000 to the Rockport Alumni Association,  to be  used for the donation to the Community Bleacher Project.  The Rockport High School Beavers will be remembered with a  3’ x 5’ commemorative sign affixed to the top of the bleachers, looking down on the athletic field for as long as the stadium exists. In addition, the Rockport Alumni Association voted to approve a 8” x8” Brick Paver in honor of Eileen Mehta for her generous donation.

(photo of Eileen Mehta donating her check of $5,000 to Charlie Crockett at the Rockport Alumni Annual Meeting.)

Charlie & Penny Crockett have been contacting the alumni of Rockport HS, Camden HS, Appleton HS, Camden-Rockport HS, and Camden Hills Regional HS with the goal of getting each and every class represented in this Project in some way, either by Brick Pavers or a Bleacher Row.

Donations have been made by several classes, from 1941 up to the class of 2015, but more are needed.  Class officers, or anyone from a class who is interested, are encouraged to contact their classmates to organize getting a Brick Paver so that their class can leave a legacy in this project and be represented in the Pathway to Victory. Pavers come in two sizes : one that is  4” x 8” with 3 lines of text with 15 characters in each line, and the other that is  8” x 8” with 6 lines of text with 15 characters per line.

Individuals have also purchased Pavers in memory of friends, children, grandchildren, other family members, faculty or teams.  A few families are planning a multi-generational Brick Paver, recognizing the names of family members who have attended schools in this district over 3 and 4 generations.

Site preparation for the Bleaches has started, and we are very close to realizing our goal, but there is still time to donate legacy Brick Pavers on the Pathway to Victory  for family members, teammates, classmates, and staff members.

For more information, please get in touch with the Crocketts at 763-3547 or by email, or Camden Hills RHS athletic Director Steve Alex  at 236-7800.

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