Rockland police warn of parking lot stereo sale scam

By Stephen Betts | Nov 27, 2019

Rockland — Rockland police are warning the public about a scam that occurred earlier this week.

A citizen reported being at the parking lot of The Home Depot when two people approached him and were selling supposedly high-end stereo equipment at very low prices.

The person bought the equipment which turned out that it was not the high quality that was promised.

The person reported the incident to police but said he did not want to press charges but wanted to alert the public. The buyer did not know the sellers.

"We want to remind folks that deals that seem too good to be true, especially ones not from a reputable dealer/store, are often not true and a scam. We ask everyone to shop smartly this holiday season," the Rockland Police Department stated on its Facebook page.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 28, 2019 20:51

These are not the only scams to worry about. Never buy a vehicle through Craigslist. My g-daughter paid $1,500 for a Jeep and it was totally rusted out from front to back. Most of these scams happen with car dealers in the Maine-NH area turn these non inspected vehicles over to the garage crooks to sell on their lots and misrepresent them to the public through Craigslist. The Jeep is worth $40 for salvage. Luckily she and my great granddaughter were not hurt before the piece of junk broke down. Dubois is the guys name, stay away from him.


Posted by: Peter Rollins | Nov 27, 2019 13:29

This scam has been going on for decades. Often they will put an ad in something like Uncle Henrys listing the equipment at a very high price for sale. They show this listing to their victim to prove what a great deal it is.

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