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Rockland police rescues kitten in danger

May 29, 2020
Photo by: Rockland Police Department Rockland Police Officers Jordan Jandreau, left and Jeff Aeschlimann rescued a kitten.

Rockland — Rockland police demonstrated that firefighters are not the only people to save kittens.

The Rockland Police Department posted Friday morning, May 29, on its Facebook page that it came to the rescue of a kitten that went into a sewer pipe.

The rescue occurred Thursday evening, May 28, next to the Irving station on Camden Street.

"A woman heard a cat crying while gassing up at a local store. Officers Jordan Jandreau and Jeff Aeschlimann responded, and found that the cat was so far in a sewer pipe that it was actually in the crawlspace of a house," the department noted.

The home owner let the officer's into the home's crawl space to "commence Operation Kitty Rescue."

"A determination had to be made as to who would crawl through to the sewer pipe. We normally solve this using a tried and true method of rock, paper, scissors," the department stated.

"However, logic dictated that agility would be key in such a cramped space. Officer Aeschlimann is around 6 feet two inches tall and 200 plus pounds. Officer Jandreau is, well, not 6 feet 2 inches tall and 200 plus pounds. Plus, Officer Jandreau is a sergeant in the Army National Guard, and low crawling through grimy spots is his jam."

Officer Jandreau went in the crawl space, unscrewed some pipes and was able to grab the kitten just before it fell further into the pipe.

The woman who called it in volunteered to take the very bewildered kitten for the night and then take it to a veterinarian.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | May 30, 2020 09:39

Well Betts I'm not seeing a tag line and I am sure an award winning journalist such as yourself would not take credit for this story.  Remember, Emmett is watching.

Posted by: Gerald A Weinand | May 29, 2020 15:57

Let's hope this wasn't actually a sewer pipe, but a storm water drain. Nonetheless, job well done.

Posted by: Carole Martin | May 29, 2020 12:18

Well done, astute listener who initially heard the kitten's cries, and to the officers who properly concluded that no life is too small to be worth saving! Whew. That was a nail biter.

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