Rockland police nab man for third time in five weeks after chase

By Stephen Betts | Jun 06, 2018
Photo by: Knox County Jail Anthony Bates

Rockland — A Rockland man will make his third court appearance in a little more than a month after leading police on a brief foot chase.

Anthony W. Bates was arrested Tuesday night, June 5, and charged with violating a condition of release, according to Rockland Deputy Police Chief Christopher Young. He was also charged with refusing to submit to arrest.

Police had received a complaint shortly before 5 p.m. of two men trespassing and drinking at an unoccupied house on Clarendon Street. When Officer Andrew Redden arrived, Bates ran, but was apprehended a short time later in a field behind an auto repair shop on South Main Street, Young said.

He was taken to the Knox County Jail in Rockland. Judge Susan Sparaco ordered him held without bail at the request of Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald.

The new charge resulted from his drinking, which violates a condition of his release.

Bates was released on $300 cash bail May 25 on a charge of breaking into a car. The setting of the bail by Sparaco went against the recommendation of the District Attorney's Office, which had wanted Bates held without bail.

The prosecution had made that request because Bates had been arrested April 29 on two counts of burglary of motor vehicles in Rockland. He was released that time on personal recognizance bail.

At his May 25 court hearing, defense attorney for the day Jason Heath said Bates had a steady job and cared for his elderly father. At his June 6 hearing, defense attorney for the day Daniel Purdy made the same argument.

Fernald rose and asked when he was caring for his father, since he was out repeatedly committing crimes.

Sparaco said at the June 6 hearing that his argument was convincing the first two times.

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Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jun 06, 2018 14:38

He keeps finding people to make excuses for him. Somebody that cares about an elderly parent isn't out carrying on like Master Bates.

Posted by: Nina Reed | Jun 06, 2018 11:56

if he has a job and cares for his father, how does he have so much time for the break- ins?  patricia williams


Posted by: Valerie Wass | Jun 06, 2018 10:18

Seems like tax payers are footing Anthony's bill.  Hopefully, maybe, he will have a more appropriate bail set this time. Some in society need the structure of jail or prison to function properly in society.  Mr. Bates as been in trouble with the law for a long time.  How do we, as a society/community, deal with people, so many, like Mr. Bates.   Tough question, huh?

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