Rockland man accused of assaulting child

By Stephen Betts | Mar 08, 2019
Source: File photo

Rockland — A 30-year-old Rockland man was arrested Wednesday, March 6, accused of throwing a 4-year-old boy so forcefully that the child struck a wall, putting a hole in it.

Peter D. Lovett was charged with felony assault against a child less than 6 years old.

According to an affidavit filed by Rockland police, the child's mother came home after Lovett had been watching the 4-year-old boy and found a hole in the wall of the child's room.

Lovett and the child denied knowing how the hole was created.

The next day, however, the child said that Lovett had thrown him onto the bed and he hit the wall. The child had a bruise on his side.

Police talked to Lovett, who initially denied knowing what had happened, but then admitted he threw the child onto the bed. Lovett said he did not mean to throw him hard enough to strike the wall.

Lovett said the child had been misbehaving and calling him names. Lovett admitted he had anger issues and sometimes blacked out.

Lovett was to make his initial appearance Friday afternoon in the Knox County court.

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Posted by: Valerie Wass | Mar 08, 2019 15:53

This is happening in so many homes across the counties.

Posted by: johanna stadler | Mar 08, 2019 13:46

gee sounds like a perfect babysitter to me

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