Rockland Kiwanis Meeting Minutes from April 18, 2014

This was the second of two consecutive Friday meetings at the Samoset Resort following our winter schedule of meetings at Archers On The Pier. Regular weekly meetings will resume their routine Monday schedule at Noon on 21 April; and monthly evening meetings will resume on Monday at 6:00 PM on the 28th of April, and every last Monday of the month until further notice

12:07 PM Meeting called to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Katie Tarbox. An invocation was read by President-elect Jim Heavey. There were no guests today and attendance was relatively light for this final off-schedule meeting. The scheduled speaker for today had to cancel at the last minute due to a family medical emergency.

Announcements & Committee Reports:

· As state above, regular Monday meetings will resume on 21 April, and the first evening meeting of the season will be on Monday the 28th of April

· Special Olympics Auction Committee reported that they raised $2,500 at the auction on Monday the 14th of April

· The Food Wagon Committee will meet on Monday the 21st, immediately following the regular weekly Kiwanis meeting

· The Cupcake Challenge will occur on Sunday the 18th of May at Trackside

· The Erin Donovan show sponsored by Kiwanis at the Camden Opera House will be Saturday the 17th of May

· Announced anniversaries included those for Donna Tokarz; Stefani Lund; Ruth Roberts; and Todd Gustafson. It was noted that the membership committee would reach out to these individuals to encourage them to visit.

Communications: A thank you note from Kiwanis International for our club’s latest contribution to the ELIMINATE project to eliminate Maternal and Neo-natal tetanus; and a thank you from the students and administrators for our club’s hosting a recent visit to our club by the students involved with the Japanese Exchange Program through the Rockport school system. The Secret Greeter today was Mark Curtis; resulting in fines paid by Doc Lombardi and Marjorie Kinney. Jim Heavey and Marjorie Kinney were caught without their name badge[s]. The 50/50 raffle ticket belonged to Greg Hamlin, who failed to draw the Silly Shark, [which replaces the Joker from the conventional deck of cards. Jane Dagley won the Trivia Contest, and Sumner Kinney won our new Table Locater game. Happy and Sad Dollars: Jim Heavey was sorry that the speaker he arranged had to cancel, and was happy for his daughter Katie for her involvement in the Japanese Exchange Program; Marjorie Kinney was happy for the success of the Special Olympics Auciton; Cliff Blastow paid a dollar to announce that he can finally take down his Christmas decorations; Jane Dagley was happy that the Rockland Golf Club is open, that she is transferring to the Rockland Branch of Camden National Bank, and for the Special Olympics Auction; Doc Lombardi has a missed meeting dollar and was happy for the Special Olympics Auction; Greg Hamlin was happy to win the 50/50; Vanessa Richards was happy for her pending trip to the British Isles; Bobbie Wentworth was happy for the baking skills of her protégé, Kristen Page Baker; Katie Tarbox was happy for the Special Olympics Auction and Marjorie’s efforts, and happy that Brian Tarbox does not require surgery for his injured knee, and she was sad about the death of one of her guinea hens.

There being no further business and no speaker today, the meeting was adjourned at 12:37 PM.

Respectfully submitted: Gordon Page

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing will change unless it is faced. ~James Baldwi


Gordon Page

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Our club officers are: President Katie Tarbox ; President Elect Jim Heavey; Vice President, Bill Batty, Jr.; Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Sumner Kinney; Immediate Past President Amy Shepard Pease

Our club directors are: Bill Batty, Jr., Shannon Kinney, Broo Temple, Carol Kelley, Marianne Masters, and Bobbie Wentworth

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