Rockland Kiwanis Meeting Minutes for June 9, 2014

President Katie Tarbox called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty, Jr. offered our invocation. Guests included Wes Todd, Lanton Lee, and David Heath.

Committee Reports
A 50/50 ticket has been found. Grand raffle tickets are available. John Batty sold the first one, but Sumner Kinney sold two, and is currently the sales leader. The Aktion Club is planning a BBQ on August 6th. The Food Wagon has three events left this year: the Relay for Life on 6/20, Summer Solstice on 6/21, and the blues festival. Meals on Wheels: June is full, but July has some holes. The ELIMINATE! basket was passed.

Recognition of Members
Vanessa Richards and Ray Comeau celebrate birthdays.
Mark Curtis celebrates 25 years with the club.
Secret Greeter: Greg Hamlin caught no one.
Badges: John Batty and Vanessa Richards were without theirs.
50/50: Jim Heavey didn't win the $90.50 in the pot. Greg Hamlin won the attendance challenge.

Amy Pease was happy for the weather, and happy Madelyne's favorite new word was "happy" instead of "no." Shannon Kinney was happy for a new micro loan that will allow her to renovate another floor of her office in Rockland, happy for a new office in Fort Wayne, and happy for her parents watching Rachel. Brenda Batty was happy to be back. Tom Luttrell was happy for Shannon Kinney, and happy that budget season was almost over. Gordon Page was happy for our guests, happy to eat his first lobster of the season, and happy for the talent show. Jackie Harjula was happy she got "flocked" with pink flamingos for a good cause, and happy for a WWII vet from Bangor who was a Kiwanian. Barbara Hanson was sad her friend Jeff Dean passed away. Jim Heavey was happy to win the 50/50, happy his daughter graduated 8th grade, and happy for our guests. Lanton Lee was happy to be here. Sumner Kinney was happy for our guests, and happy for Amy Pease and the letter about the children's fair in the paper. Jerry Zwick was happy the Thomaston Cafe was reopening. Bill Batty, Jr. was happy for his 20th wedding anniversary. Jackie Harjula was happy for her band Steelin' Thunder. Katie Tarbox was happy for our guests, happy for the scholarships we give out, happy her last child has graduated, happy for the art walk, happy for The Chowder House, and happy to have a new "turkhen" (see

David Heath is with the Seton School. Their mission is "to provide children and their families successful interfaces between home, school, and community utilizing the most effective, evidence-based resources available."

From your Spiritual Aims committee: "The power of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing."
~Blais Pascal

Bill Batty
Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday at noon at The Samoset.  We'd love to see you.  Come share in the fun and laughter.

Our website can be found at .

Our club officers are: President Katie Tarbox ; President Elect Jim Heavey; Vice President, Bill Batty, Jr.; Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Sumner Kinney; Immediate Past President Amy Shepard Pease

Our club directors are: Bill Batty, Jr., Shannon Kinney, Broo Temple, Carol Kelley, Marianne Masters, and Bobbie Wentworth

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