Rockland Kiwanis Meeting Minutes for August 25th, 2014

By Dream Local Digital | Sep 02, 2014

President Katie Tarbox called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty, Jr. offered our invocation. Guests included  Sam Herring and Kurt Leidenroth from Aktion Club; Mimi Zwick; Haydee Temple; Anna Curtis; Brian Tarbox; and Maddie Pease

Announcements & Committee Reports:

THERE WILL BE NO MEETING ON LABOR DAY; The club needs team members for “So You Think You Know Rockland” on Tuesday September 9th; Thank you letters from a scholarship recipient and other non-profit beneficiaries were passed around; Jackie and John reported on the New England and Bermuda District Convention; the Grand Raffle drawing will take place on Saturday the 30th of August at Rock Harbor… we need a last minute push on sales to get closer to  our goal; Meals On Wheels sign-ups are going well; Aktion Club has been busy.

Recognition of Members

Birthdays: none

Club Anniversary: none

Secret Greeter: Doc Lombardi caught Brenda Batty and Mark Curtis

Badges: all ok.

50/50: Brenda did not find the joker

Trivia: With a great deal of support, Sumner had the answer

Attendance: Gordon’s Name was selected by our, Haydee

Happy/Sad $$$: Brenda- Kayak trip, Hazel Spear, Vacation, Grandson Benjamin; Jerry Zwick- Missed meetings, OHTM Work, Mimi, Whale-watching trip; Amy Pease-Missed meetings, Maddie, Family, Grandmother’s passing; Carol Kelley- OHTM support, Missed meetings; [guest] Sam- Aktion Club bought a Grand Raffle ticket, Special Olympics medal, Photo in paper; Celia- Missed meetings, Busy summer, Phinn entering kindergarten; Jim- Travelling to convention with JB; Jackie- Grand Raffle tickets, Convention, Aktion Club; Marcy- Survived sleepover with granddaughters, Maddie; Keith- Survived sleepover as above, Dad’s eye surgery, kayak trip, Grand raffle; John- Aktion Club, Grand Raffle, Trip with Jim Heavey; Sumner- Grand Raffle, John & Jim travelling together to convention, Speaker Eliza Massey; Marcia- Keith and the Wesaweskeag River trip; Katie- Has divested much of her collection of fowl, Haydee, Guest speaker; Gordon- Appearing at Aktion Club for ukulele sing-along on September 3rd

Guest Speaker:  Eliza Massey, professional photographer and adventurer from Hope, gave an animated presentation of her 18-month solo motorcycle journey across the United States, Mexico, Central America, Africa and India to raise money for African Aid and Women to Women, Her presentation was preceded by a quick overview and photographs from an earlier journey to North Vietnam.

Gordon Page
Bulletin Editor Pro Tem

Come join us any Monday at noon at The Samoset.  We'd love to see you.  Come share in the fun and laughter.

Our website can be found at .

Our club officers are: President Katie Tarbox ; President Elect Jim Heavey; Vice President, Bill Batty, Jr.; Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Sumner Kinney; Immediate Past President Amy Shepard Pease

Our club directors are: Bill Batty, Jr., Shannon Kinney, Broo Temple, Carol Kelley, Marianne Masters, and Bobbie Wentworth

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