Rockland hires new community development director

By Staff | Dec 31, 2012
Source: File Photo Mayor Will Clayton

Rockland — City Manager James Smith announced Dec. 31 that John Holden of Winterport will be assuming the duties of the community development director.

"John brings more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in working with community and economic development," Smith said in an email message. "He holds a masters degree in Community Economic Development from the University of Maine and a bachelors degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

His first day on the job will be Jan. 14.

Holden most recently worked for Eaton Peabody Consulting Group in Augusta and previously worked for USDA Rural Development in Lewiston.

"John brings expertise in tax incremental financing, downtown plans and business attraction and retention," Smith said. "He has worked in tourism development and promotion as well as event and organizational development. John has served on a number local and regional boards and committees both as a facilitator and as a member."

Holden will replace former Community Development Director Audrey Lovering, who resigned in October.

Comments (3)
Posted by: Ronald E Dyer | Jan 03, 2013 09:45

I have to agree with Richard, Rockland used to utilize its full potential. Used be be industrial, now it's more gentrified since the days of the "Renaissance". Mr Holden just needs to see that there is more to Rockland than the downtown arts and entertainment district and the "historic inns" as far as community to develop.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jan 02, 2013 08:23

Mr. Thompson,

We have been awake and in the forefront for years. With all due respect: We are no sleeping giant.

Posted by: glen r thompson | Jan 01, 2013 16:42

Looking around Rockland I see a mind-blowing potential.  Its people, its architecture, its natural geography.  Amazing.  I certainly hope Mr. Holden can awaken this sleeping giant.

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