Rockland gallery hosts Question 1 victory celebration

By Bane Okholm | Feb 01, 2013
Photo by: Bane Okholm Hank Lunn of Camden holds a photograph of daughter Rev. Robin Lunn, right, and Robin's spouse Rev. Shayna Appel of New Hampshire during the David Scriven Crowley's EqualityMaine celebration Jan. 30.

Rockland — "I'm here for her," said Hank Lunn of Camden. He's holding a picture of two smiling women: Lunn's daughter Robin, a reverend and Camden native who now lives in New Hampshire, and Robin's spouse Rev. Shayna Appel.

Robin, Lunn said, struggled to be normal throughout her childhood, and only realized she was gay after marrying and having two children. Now Robin is the executive director of Affirming and Welcoming American Baptists, a group dedicated to the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons within Baptists churches.

During advocacy organization EqualityMaine's Jan. 30 celebration at the David Scriven Crowley Gallery in Rockland, Lunn said he is "extremely proud" of his daughter, calling her life journey "courageous."

Question 1, which called for the ratification same-sex marriage in Maine, was passed by 53 percent of voters on Nov. 6, 2012, making Maine the only state to approve same-sex marriage without a legislative or court initiative.

EqualityMaine Executive Director Betsy Smith told the crowd Jan. 30 that although the organization's recent victory was unprecedented, marriage equality "while incredible, is not the end of the journey."

According to EqualityMaine Political Director Ali Vander Zanden, two bills have recently been filed seeking to alter the same-sex marriage legislation.

Also present at the Jan. 30 festivities in Rockland was EqualityMaine board member and Rockport resident Lucie Bauer, who said she has been involved with the equality movement since the 1980s.

Though Bauer and wife Annie Kiermaier had held a commitment ceremony in 1996, they were officially wed in California in 2008, after Kiermaier's return from a hiking trip.

Bauer and Kiermaier, who were present in Portland for the 2012 election, said when the news of Question 1's passage reached the assembled crowd, the resultant cheer was "unbelievable."

Kiermaier said she is "very, very happy" the couple's marriage is now valid in Maine.

Host David Scriven Crowley of Cushing said he and spouse Kevin Jordan encountered  severe opposition while engaged in door-to-door canvassing in the Midcoast prior to the election, but were "delightfully shocked" when the bill passed.

Crowley, who has also hosted functions for Meals on Wheels and Georges River Land Trust, added, "We are very fortunate. Blessed."

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EqualityMaine supporters admire paintings in Rockland's David Scriven Crowley Gallery Jan. 30. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
EqualityMaine Political Director Ali Vander Zanden, left, and Board Member Lucie Bauer address a crowd at the David Scriven Crowley Gallery in Rockland Jan. 30. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
A young EqualityMaine supporter reacts during speeches at the David Scriven Crowley Gallery in Rockland Jan. 30. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
State Rep. Joan Welsh, D-Rockport, chats with Hope photographer Amy Wilton during the EqualityMaine celebration at Rockland's David Scriven Crowley Gallery Jan. 30. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
Spouses Lucie Bauer, left, and Annie Kiermaier of Rockport speak with visitors at the EqualityMaine celebration hosted by the David Scriven Crowley Gallery in Rockland Jan. 30. (Photo by: Bane Okholm)
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Posted by: VALERIE ANN ORR | Feb 05, 2013 14:07


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Feb 04, 2013 15:26

Robin has my best wishes for her union and her profession. The Lunn family was a part of my family within the UCC Camden Congregational church. Years later this same church is going forward toward equality, open and affirming. Hopefully it will pass. Congratulations Robin and best wishes to the father of the bride. Hank with his beautiful tenor voice enhanced the UCC choir when Robin was young. God is good and LOVE is LOVE!

Blessings, Mickey McKeever

Posted by: Alexandra Holte | Feb 02, 2013 15:36

Beautiful story! Equality for ALL!

Posted by: Thomas Quinn | Feb 01, 2013 17:36

What an awesome story.   Life in Maine should be this good. 

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