Animal hospital, car dealership to benefit

Rockland eyes zone changes to aid business growth

By Stephen Betts | Sep 08, 2017
Photo by: Stephen Betts Rockland Animal Hospital is seeking a change to the zoning regulations on the east side of Old County Road to allow for an expansion.

Rockland — The Rockland City Council will consider tweaking zoning laws to aid two local businesses in their expansion plans.

At the council's Sept. 6 meeting, councilors voiced support for a request from the owner of Rockland Animal Hospital to make a change to the zoning regulations for Old County Road to allow him to expand his facility.

Owner Phil Caron said he wants to make an addition to the building and make renovations, but that the current zoning regulations for the rural residential zone limit the amount of development on a lot.

Code Enforcement Officer John Root suggested, and councilors expressed support for, amending the rural residential regulations to allow for a greater percentage of building coverage for lots on the east side of the road. Root said the current limitation is meant for the west side of Old County, where there are more sensitive natural resources -- such as Meadow Brook -- to protect.

Caron said he wants to add examination rooms, more room for surgeries and indoor boarding.

Caron has owned the animal medical center for 19 years.

Councilor Adam Ackor expressed support, saying Old County Road was already a commercial stretch.

Mayor William Clayton said the city should make the change to avoid losing a business.

The council also met Sept. 6 with Tammy and Ed Kolmosky about their plans to make renovations and expand the building at Fuller Automall on Camden Street.

General Motors is requiring the change, but the current zoning restricts the addition.

Clayton has sponsored a zoning change to exempt existing businesses on Camden Street from the restrictions. The council gave preliminary approval to the Camden Street zone change at its Sept. 11 meeting. The vote was 4-0 with Councilor Ed Glaser absent.

A formal public hearing and final vote are scheduled for Oct. 11

A specific ordinance change for Old County Road has not yet been submitted.

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Posted by: Gerald A Weinand | Sep 10, 2017 19:48

Meanwhile, the Neighborhood Business Zone (NBZ), which was created after the City Council ORDERED the Comprehensive Planning Commission to look at zoning at Maverick Square after the Walgreen's fiasco, sits on a shelf in the City Manager's office.

The draft was sent to the Council on 10 May 2010, more than seven years ago. It's a great zone, which took 18 months to draft and involved a questionnaire sent to property owners near Maverick Square, a presentation on SmartCode by architect Robert Orr, and a lot of input from residents.

There are many areas in Rockland where the NBZ could be implemented. But it has to be adopted first. I have spoken with several councilers in this regard, and they all have assured me that they would bring the NBZ before the Council. Obviously, none of them have. This should not be too surprising since the proposed new zone is not even available on the City's website.

Gerald Weinand
Former chair of Comps

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Sep 10, 2017 10:39

Don't you just love Trash Mountain on Old County Road made out of out of state trash. I waiting for someone to place a monument on top to the DEP for being so thoughtful and the City Council for allowing such incompetence at the Public Works/Dump/Landfill Department. If it smells, it must be Rockland.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Sep 09, 2017 16:12

Selective treatment is the norm in Rocklandia


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