Rockland Council to vote on buying quarry

By Stephen Betts | Nov 05, 2019
Photo by: Stephen Betts The Rockland City Council will vote Nov. 13 on whether to buy this quarry at the intersection of Old County Road and Limerock Street.

Rockland — The Rockland City Council is scheduled to vote next week on buying a quarry off Old County Road.

The planned Nov. 13 vote comes at the request of Rockland Wastewater Director Terry Pinto who said the property is up for sale and the city needs it to manage water levels at the landfill and a place for storm-water runoff.

The 4.26-acre property is located adjacent on the north side of the Limerock Street bridge.

The city owns the southernmost 50 feet of the quarry but the remaining quarry has been owned since 2004 by Little Anna's, LLC whose principal is Ken Rich of Rockland.

Pinto told city councilors on Monday night Nov. 4 that the owner has a buyer but he is willing to sell it to the city instead for the amount the city has the property assessed -- $12,900.

The city landfill, where materials were dumped in another former limestone quarry, is being re-opened. The city expects that there is space for about two years worth of disposal of local demolition debris.

Once the landfill is formally closed and covered, the city will have to manage water levels in the landfill with pumps that will prevent the spread of pollutants to adjoining bodies of water. Pinto said controling the adjacent quarry will help with managing that water level as well as storm water that comes off Old County Road.



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Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Nov 06, 2019 08:46

Ken you're selling too cheap.  $13 grand, why they spend more than that on lunch, on worthless consultants, attorney fees and land in the bog.  You,of course, know the city has to pump all the way to the transfer station a requirement of the DEP.  They could pump next door and save thousands. This purchase would make good sense for the city, you should double your money.  The city could re-coop their investment on the sale of ells to the Japanese alone.

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