Rockland council creates manager search panel

By Stephen Betts | Dec 13, 2016
Rockland Mayor William Clayton

Rockland — Eight people were appointed Monday night, Dec. 12 to serve on the committee that will screen and recommend candidates to be the next city manager.

The council unanimously approved the nominations made by Mayor William Clayton. The members who represent the public are Stephen Carroll and Constance Hayes. Carroll is an appliance repairman who came close to being elected to the City Council in November. Hayes is a painter who previously had been an administrator and teacher at the Maine College of Art.

Councilors Adam Ackor and Larry Pritchett will represent the council on the eight-member panel.

Municipal employees on the committee are Fire Chief Christopher Whytock and finance department member Wanda Harvey.

Patricia Moran Wotton and Chelsea Avirett will represent the city's personnel board.

Councilor Valli Geiger voted for the members but said she was disappointed she had not been named as a council representative. She pointed out that Pritchett had been involved in the two previous city manager searches which did not end well.

She said he had supported authoritarian types of managers who did not respect city employees or the sentiment of the public. Geiger said she wants the next manager to respect employees and to work with community members.

The City Council is expected to meet with the search committee in January to determine its role.

The final decision on hiring rests with the council.

Assistant City Manager/Community Development Director Audra Caler Bell has served as interim manager since James Chaousis resigned in June.

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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Dec 14, 2016 08:44

How about the acting City Manager?  She appears to be doing a fine job, knows the problems and has a relationship with the different department heads. Hate to see her slip out the door if she is interested.


Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Dec 14, 2016 07:32

We always get someone that uses Rockland as a stepping stone. Maybe they can find somebody that wants to live here and not always looking for a better place to be.

Posted by: Valli Genevieve Geiger | Dec 13, 2016 19:23

Steve, What I actually said was that Councilor Pritchett had been involved in the last two CM searches and the persons chosen were quite similar. Which suggested to me that the Councilor was drawn to a certain type: a strongman, an authoritarian, with a need for control. This type may work well in some cities, and at certain times but Rockland has strong city employees and an actively engaged citizenry. These qualities are ill suited here.

Valli Geiger


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