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Ripley secures second win at Wiscasset Speedway

By Lisa Maguire | Jun 10, 2013
Courtesy of: Peter Taylor Nate Tribett of Richmond, racing in the Outlaw Mini event June 8 at Wiscasset Speedway, hits the wall of tires.

Wiscasset — Despite early-morning rain, Wiscasset Speedway was ready to roll at race time Saturday, June 8. Under the bright lights, and to the chorus of peepers in the infield, the cars hit the track in three exciting feature events and a spectator drag race.

First up was the spectator drag flex race of the week. The drags ultimately saw Wayne Ambrose, driving a Chevy El Camino, face off against a Chevrolet truck driven by George Fortin. Fortin took the win in a close race.

The first feature on the track were the Strictly Streets. Corey Morgan took the pole position. In a straight forward race, Morgan took an early lead and dominated the track. Tasha Dyer started in second, but was passed in lap one off the start by Guy Childs. Dyer said prior to race that her car tires were not in top form. “Yeah, been loose all practice. The guys threw everything but the kitchen sink at it,” Dyer said after the race. Positions remained the same for the remainder of the 30-lap race. Morgan took first, Childs second and Dyer third.

In a 45-lap, five-caution race, the Late Model Sportsmen race proved exciting. Starting at the pole were Nick Hinkley, with Bill Pinkham beside him. From the start in lap one, Allan Moellar and Steve Minott tangled in turn three heading to four. Moellar had to go to the pits with front end damage, and Minott went to the back.

There was a minor caution in lap two a Pinkham developed power steering problems, taking him out of contention for the remainder of the race. On the restart Hinkley was still in the lead with Darin Ripley hot on his heels. Alex Waltz and Doug Coombs were close behind. In a close quarter’s race, the leaders battled for position.

Lap five saw a spin out and a caution was called. On the restart, Hinkley and Ripley raced neck and neck, until Ripley pulled ahead by a car length. As the race continued Combs moved from forth to third, and Waltz dropped behind the race leaders. Then, in lap 17, another caution was thrown. Hinkley spun and Steve Reno, and Tyler Robbins scraped on turn three. After the caution, coming around the track, Reno clipped Robbins, and after they both spun round, Reno hit the wall, taking him out for the remainder of the race.

On the restart, Ripley was leader, with Hinkley behind him, and Coombs third. Coming up behind was Nick Reno. Leaders remained the same until lap 35 when the fifth caution of the race was called when Hinkley spun on the track and collected Nick Reno and Minott in the jumble. They all headed to the back of the pack.

When the race resumed Ripley maintained first, Coombs second, and Corey Walker moved up to third. The leaders kept their positions until the end of the race. Ripley took first.

“I would not be in victory lane tonight without my pit crew. Thanks to Travis Benjamin, Ryan Leadbetter, Dickey Ripley, and Nate,” Ripley said after the race. Coombs placed second, and Walker rounded out the top three.

Last on the schedule was the 30-lap Mini Outlaw feature. Starting in the pole position was George Fortin. Behind him was Shawn Kimball, Brent Roy and Darryl Moore. The Outlaw Mini event also was a five-caution race.

The first caution of the race came in lap 13. On the restart Nate Tribett took fourth when he pulled ahead of Moore. The second and third cautions were small, and both came in lap 15. Roy went to the pits and Tribett to the back of the pack as a result of the cautions.

Fortin was still in the lead, with Kimball and Moore behind, as they battled for position on the restart. They maintained their positions. There was a fourth caution in lap 21. Tribett,, who had come from the back of the pack, was hooked by Norm Cummings. Tribett hit the wall on the backstretch, and his car was taken out of contention and towed to the pits.

The fifth and final caution came in lap 28 when Greg Cumming and Dunn tangled on turn one after a spun out. When racing action resumed, the race leaders remained the same. There was a dramatic end to the race. Kimball tapped race leader Fortin coming out of turn four. Fortin went sideways, but held it together. He maintained his position to take first. Kimball placed second and Moore third.

The individual results from June 6 racing were:

Strictly Street (30 laps) — 1, Corey Morgan, Lewiston; 2, Guy Childs, Turner; 3, Tasha Dyer, Arrowsic; 4, Gerard Freve, Turner; 5, Missy Morgan, Lewiston; 6, Phil Main Sr., Boothbay; 7, Mike Short, Auburn; and 8, Phil Main Jr., Trevett.

Late Model Sportsman (45 laps) — 1, Darin Ripley, Thomaston; 2, Doug Coombs, Livermore; 3, Corey Walker, New Vinyard; 4, Shane Lane, Kingfield; 5, Tyler Robbins, Montville; 6, Alex Waltz, Walpole; 7, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 8, Ed Tyler, Farmington; 9, Steve Minott, Windham; 10, Allan Moellar Sr., Wiscasset; 11, Nick Reno, West Bath; 12, Billy Pinkham, Wiscasset; and 13, Steve Reno, West Bath.

Outlaw Mini (30 laps) — 1, George Fortin, Greene; 2, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 3, Darryl Moore, Oxford; 4, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 5, Craig Dunn, Strong; 6, Ozzie Cummings, Vassalboro; 7, Greg Cummings, Augusta; 8, Brent Roy, Vassalboro; 9, Jimmy Childs, Leeds; 10, Norman Cummings Jr., Augusta; and 11, Nate Tribett, Richmond.

Lisa Maguire writes weekly race reports for Wiscasset Speedway.

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Wow!! that's a great shot of Tribett's vehicle---caught that in action....!!!


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