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Ripley proves he is still 'Boss' at Wiscasset Speedway

By Lisa Maguire | Aug 12, 2014
Courtesy of: Peter Taylor at John Rideout of Washington (19) rides next to a flaming car during the "Boss Hogg" 100-lap Pro Stock event Aug. 9 at Wiscasset Speedway.

Wiscasset — In the history of Wiscasset Speedway, few drivers can present the big race resume Daren Ripley can. Despite running his first race of 2014, Ripley proved he still knows his way around the track.

In front of a packed house Saturday night, Aug. 9, fans thronged the grandstands to watch racing action, which included Outlaw Minis, Napa Super Street, New England Four Cylinder Pro Stocks, and the main draw of the night, a 100-lap "Boss Hogg" 100 sponsored by Forest Peaslee and LLP Trucking.

“I sponsor races and race car drivers. My whole family used to race. I love the sport," Peaslee said.

The Boss Hogg had more than a $7,000 payout total for the drivers, plus an additional $25 was given for lap leaders. The first-place winner walked away with a $3,000 purse, plus the extra for laps led during the race. All drivers received payout for the race. The race drew visitors from across the state and beyond.

The "Boss Hogg" 100 ran three heat races to determine position, and starting at the pole was John Rideout. Scott Chubbuck and Charlie Colby were behind him. The first lap of the race saw a caution. Mike Orr, Dylan Turner, and Nick Reno jumbled together and scraped down pit row. Orr’s car received damage and was unable to return to the track. Reno limped along after returning to the track, but by lap 15, he headed to the pits and was unable to continue racing.

When racing got smoothly underway, Chubbuck passed Rideout on the back stretch. Rideout fought back and reclaimed the lead before the first lap was complete. Chubbuck slid in behind Rideout and waited for an opportunity pass. His chance came during lap five, when Rideout got loose on the track and fell back several positions. Chubbuck surged to the lead. Andy Saunders moved to second, passing Rideout and Colby. Colby moved to third.

Lap seven saw the second caution of a seven-caution race. Al Byron raced with Billy Penfold, when Byron rear-ended Penfold, which sent him into the front-stretch wall. Both cars received heavy damage and were towed to the pits, their race night over.

Daren Ripley advanced up the track. Ripley had started in ninth, but by lap eight Ripley had passed Colby for third on the inside of turn three.

A caution during lap 26 occurred when Nick Hinkley spun on the track. Maggie Ferland swerved to avoid him and ended up in the infield. Ferland’s car received damage, and was pushed off the track to the pits. Ferland was unable to return to the track.

Chubbuck had a solid lead, but the battle for second was fierce. Ripley challenged Saunders for his position, and during lap 28 he passed on the inside of turn four for second.

Everything changed during lap 69. Justin Drake spun on the track. When the caution was called Rideout slowed on the track, and five-time Wiscasset Pro Stock champion Chubbuck came up from behind and rear-ended him. Chubbuck’s car received front end damage and he headed to the pits for a quick repair. Chubbuck was able to make it back to the track before the caution had ended, but he started from the back. Ripley moved to first. Saunders moved to second. Adam Polvinen moved to third.

On the ensuing restart, Ripley spun his tires on the start and Saunders lept to the lead. Ripley played a game of catch up, and reclaimed the lead before the lap was complete. Kevin Douglass passed Polvinen on turn three for third during lap 70.

Saunders started to get loose coming into the corners. He lost his second-place spot during lap 77 when Douglass passed him on the inside of turn four. Saunders dropped back another position during lap 80, when Polvinen passed on the inside of turn three for third.

Chubbuck, who had gone to the back of the pack, made his way up the track to the leaders. By lap 88 Chubbuck was back in the top five and looked to advance. He was able to claim fourth, but he did not have enough time before the end of the race to gain additional positions.

Ripley took the checkered. The margin of victory was just a half second over Douglass, who placed second. Polvinen was third.

Ripley said, “I want to thank my crew. I want to thank my crew chief, Ryan Leadbetter, Travis Benjamin, Dickie Ripley, Dana Ripley, Wayne Ripley, Mitchell, Pendleton, Benny Pratt, Dougie Wilshire, and Ryan Ripley. If not for them, I would not be doing this. As far as the race, I was just at the right time in the right place. The restarts where I started on the inside really helped. Scott Chubbuck was fast, I didn’t have anything for him. As I was racing, I could see the cars in my rear view window, they were competition, but I was able to keep them behind me. It is nice when your car is fast. It was a fun race.”

A quick and exciting 25-lap Outlaw Mini feature started the night's races. Starting at the pole was Ryan Glover. Nate Tribbet and Matt Moore were behind him. Starting in fifth was Shawn Kimball. Kimball blew an engine last week racing at Loudon, N.H., and he installed a new motor for this week’s racing.

Despite all of Kimball’s car problems, he marched up the track from his starting position. By lap five, Kimball had passed all the race leaders and was running in first place. Glover was in second, and in third was Tim Robinson.

Lap 15 saw the one and only caution of the race when Glover and Robinson made contact on the track and both went into the turn two wall. When the track was cleared, and action resumed on the track, Kimball was still the leader. Moving to second was Justin Trombley. Calvin Rose Jr. moved to third. Race leaders remained constant until the conclusion.

Going into Saturday’s race, Jimmy Childs was leader with 408 points. In second was Shawn Kimball with 372. Third in points was Nate Tribbet with 360.

A 25-lap NAPA Super Street feature was next. Starting on the pole was Kevin Morse. Adam Chadbourne and Jamie Norton were behind him. There was a slow start to the race, with two cautions before the first lap was completed. Norton spun out which caused the second caution, and he went to the back. Zach Poland moved to third.

When racing resumed, Chadbourne got a strong jump off the start and passed Morse for the lead. Morse dropped back, and Poland moved to second and Shawn Austin moved to third. During lap two Shawn Austin headed to the inside and passed Poland for second on the front stretch. Poland dropped back another position and R.J. Austin moved to third.

Lap seven saw R.J. Austin pass Shawn Austin for second on the inside of turn three, James Osmond followed R.J. Austin and slid into third position. Osmond was unable to hold onto third. During lap 19, Josh Bailey passed Osmond on the outside of the front stretch, claiming the spot. Bailey continued his advance up the track and passed R.J. Austin on the back stretch for second. Lap 19 also saw the fourth caution of the race when Travis Dunbar and R.J. Austin made contact on the track. Osmond moved to third.

Chadbourne drove under the checkered in first. Bailey placed second but failed post-race inspection. Osmond advanced to second. Finishing in third was Richard Jackson.

Chadbourne was second in points heading into Saturday’s race with 422. First in points was James Osmond with 424. In third was Dan Nessmith with 378 points.

A seven-caution New England Four Cylinder Pro Stock feature was next on the schedule. The 25-lap race was shortened to 20 by race control after an excess of cautions. Bob Patten started at the pole. Behind him were Jeff Prindall and Jacob Hendsbee. There were four cautions before the first lap was completed. In one of the cautions, Hendsbee spun and went to the back of the pack. Dave Patten moved to third.

When action resumed on the track, Prindall got a strong jump off the start and passed Bob Patten for the lead. Dave Patten also passed Bob Patten and moved to second. Chuck Harris passed both Dave and Bob Patten when the pair slowed on the track. Harris took second and Kamren Knowles, who started in ninth, slid into third.

Lap eight saw Knowles pass Harris and take second on the inside of turn two. Harris and Knowles battled for position for four laps. Harris was able to overtake Knowles to reclaim second.

The fifth caution of the race came during lap 12, when leaders Prindall and Harris made contact, causing Prindall to spin on the track. The pair were sent to the back of the pack. Knowles moved to first. Craig Dunn advanced to second. Moving to third was Ryan Hayes. During lap 15, Hayes passed Dunn on the outside of turn three, to claim second.

During the final lap, there was a jumble on the track when cars went three- to four-wide coming out of turn three into turn four. Hendsbee went off the track at a great rate of speed. Leaders Hayes and Dunn got caught in the melee.

Kamren Knowles sped across the finish in first. Harris placed second. Dave Patten was third. A caution was called and the red flag came out as the leaders flew under the checkered. Hendsbee needed medical attention, but was able to walk away from the crash, with no serious injury.

It was Knowles' second victory of the year. Knowles also is points leader with 412. Second in points heading into Saturday’s race was Prindall, with 402. Dunn was third in points with 370.

The individual results from Aug. 9 racing were:

Pro Stock Boss Hogg 100 (100 laps) — 1, Daren Ripley, Appleton; 2, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 3, Adam Polvinen, Hebron; 4, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 5, Andy Saunders, Ellsworth; 6, John Rideout, Washington; 7, Justin Drake, Burnham; 8, Charlie Colby, Edgecomb; 9, James Osmond, Woolwich; 10, Kyle DeSouza, Buckfield; 11, Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 12, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 13, Maggie Ferland, Auburn; 14, Will Collins, Waldoboro; 15, Nick Reno, West Bath; 16, Jesse Smith, Hermon; 17, Bill Penfold, Oxford; 18, Ed Trask, Chelsea; 19, Dylan Turner, Freedom; 20, Al Byron, Barrington; 21, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; and 22, Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset.

Outlaw Mini (25 laps) — 1, Shawn Kimball, Augusta; 2, Justin Trombley, Winter Harbor; 3, Calvin Rose Jr., Turner; 4, Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls; 5, Tim Robinson, Clinton; 6, Nate Tribbet, Richmond; 7, Darrell Moore, Oxford; 8, Zach Audet, Skowhegan; 9, Nick Bissell, Lewiston; 10, Ryan Glover, Mexico; and 11, Jimmy Childs, Leeds.

NAPA Super Street (25 laps) — 1, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich; 2, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 3, Richard Jackson, Palmyra; 4, Chris Buzzell, Madison; 5, Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 6, R.J. Austin, Smithfield; 7, Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 8, Jamie Norton, Farmingdale; 9, Travis Dunbar, Auburn; 10, Zach Poland, Woolwich; 11, Paul Hopkins, Camden; and 12, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset.

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock (20 laps) — 1, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 2, Chuck Harris, Bristol; 3, Dave Patten, Westbrook; 4, Bob Patten, Westbrook; 5, Craig Dunn, Strong; 6, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 7, Barry Morris, Livermore Falls; 8, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 9, Jacob Hendsbee, Whitefield; 10, Cameron Folsom, Augusta; 11, Nate McWilliams, Lewiston; 12, Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner; and 13, Jay Bailey, Alna.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.

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