Right-Wing New York Times bestselling author calls for murdering the opposition

By Ronald Horvath | Jul 28, 2018

“Michael Scheuer, a former senior official in the Central Intelligence Agency has become a New York Times bestselling author.

Scheuer wrote an essay this week in which he calls on the president’s followers to murder Trump’s political opponents.

Scheuer has long been a well-known fringe right wing nut job. His most recent essay crosses a line from the rantings of a lunatic to a specific call for violence perpetrated by Trump followers against his opponents.

In his essay, Scheuer included a hit list of the president’s foes. Included on the list are political figures, public servants, and members of the media. He calls the list a list of “traitors” and includes, “Clapper, Hayden, Tapper, Acosta, Hillary Clinton, Comey, John Podesta, Maddow, McCabe, Brennan, Page, Strzok, Wray, the reporting staffs of the Washington Post and the New York Times, the Council on Foreign Relations, and most of all, by the foreign-born Obama.”

Scheuer spends a great deal of time blaming “Jewish-Americans, and their host of well-paid human assets.” He writes, “It is far past time to terminate the Democratic/Neocon “Russian-hacking” melodrama, and begin to arrest the hundreds of politicians, bureaucrats, and media figures who manufactured it, flogged it ad infinitum, and so merit trial and incarceration. This would benefit and raise the spirit of all people fit to be called Americans. It also would create an opportunity for those citizens to insist that it is past time to investigate and eradicate the intervention in American affairs of Israel, prominent Jewish-Americans.”

He ends his disgusting rant with a call to violence writing, “Now there is a target that has long proven itself to be more than worthy of merciless annihilation.”


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