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We all know that first comes the natural then the Spiritual. That is so true. Look at the opposition-taking place against Mr. Trump since his victory as president elect.  Even while campaigning for the office, the media and the left assaulted him time and time again. And yet he stood firm.  Obviously, in the midst of great opposition and stress, he is a fighter born to deal with the issues of the times.

With the coming inauguration, a new battle begins. In reality, it is a spiritual warfare, a battle between light and darkness that God has orchestrated. As president elect Trump takes his position a President of the United States - the highest authority in the land, he will experience a tremendous increase in stress, pressure and great opposition. His past has prepared him for such as time as this.

I believe during this time, President Trump will have an encounter with the Lord and due to the need, will find the Lord as His refuge, wisdom and place of rest. This will lead to the highest authority of both heaven and earth, the Lord Jesus Christ, reigning in the office of the government as President Trump and his team, partners with God.

Likewise, God also has His warriors that have campaigned for His cause that have faced great opposition and yet have prevailed and stood firm. Likewise, in this new season a new battle begins. This is going to be a great year and a blessed year for those who have fought, stood firm and prevailed. It will have its challenges – before us lies the greatest victories but also the greatest adversity!

Now comes another battle. With every increase of prosperity, God’s divine favor, ministry influence and promotion, comes increased pressure and opposition, which can relate to stress, insecurity and fear. If not dealt with properly, this can lead to discouragement, doubt and even depression. We have a provision that comes with the promotion and every new season - the rest that is ours in Christ Jesus.

The Church is about to experience a tremendous change. Our trials and conflicts are meant to mature us to reign with the King.  Along with this change, we may well experience an increase of criticism and opposition by the faultfinders and our accusers. It is imperative however, that we do not respond adversely but remain in the peace and love of Christ. The apostle Paul prayed,

“That the Father would “Grant to you according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man (Eph. 3:16).

It is from the place of God’s rest, being rooted and grounded in His love, that we stand as we abide in His presence. Resting is a form of warfare that has the power of resisting any weapon formed against you.  Here is a brilliant article by Graham Cooke that I believe is timely to help us be properly position for the times as we make an advance in 2017.

In His heart with love – Roy Roden

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