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Responses to our Social Media and You survey

Apr 08, 2021

Among those who responded to our Social Media and You survey, most feel the government should do more to regulate social media, 0% trust social media companies, and most believe about 50% of what they see on these platforms.

Among the platforms, Facebook and YouTube reigned supreme.

You can see more details on the results in the attached charts.

On the question of whether government should do more to regulate social media, the largest portion of responders (75 or 52.8%) said, "Yes it should." However, there is room to move the needle on this issue with 19% undecided.

Those responding said the most annoying things on social media are clickbait, scammers and ads.

Favorite part about social media? Talking to friends, family and seeing funny memes and gifs.

Most believe age restrictions should allow people to start using social media in their teens, pretty much evenly split at 28.4% for both 13 and up and 15 and up. Another 24% favored 18 and up.

Most either monitor social media constantly or 2-3 times daily.

We received numerous comments. Here are a few:

“I have reconnected with people I lost touch with, which is great. But SM has accelerated division and polarization like nothing else. It will get worse.”

“My two biggest concerns about social media are that it tends to spread lies in an echo chamber and it has the ability to infiltrate our everyday lives in order to sell us something (products, politics, etc.). What is the solution? More regulation that might restrict free speech? Forcing it into the public domain like the World Wide Web? I don’t know the answer but we should be talking about it. Thank you for providing a platform for discussion.”

“Cancel culture needs to stop. I’m the only one that needs to screen what my kids see, access and participate in, if I don’t like what’s on I’ll change the channel, website etc, the first amendment must not be canceled.”

“Social media companies need to be broken apart and regulated. They need to be a totally unbiased platform or shut down.”

“It is all liberal, I post something and the powers that be take it down as false even though I know it is true. If it is against their agenda it is taken off. What happened to free speak and free opinions?”

“Social media is here to stay because we have become a global society. I can have sincere conversations with people in other countries whom I've never met in person and likely never will.”

“Social media is like dumpster diving. You have to know how to use it to find the good stuff and cater it to your needs.”

Charts made using Google Forms.

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