Residents seek repair of road following fire

By Beth A. Birmingham | Aug 13, 2019
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Thomaston resident Marian Robinson asks the Board of Selectmen to take responsibility for damage done to Kermit Lane during a fire June 21.

Thomaston — The Thomaston Board of Selectmen said Aug. 12 that it would make every effort to get Kermit Lane back to the shape it was in prior to apparent erosion that occurred following a fire June 21.

Firefighters from around the region battled a house fire at 37 Kermit Lane, a long, narrow dirt road off Thomaston Street.

Crews from Thomaston, South Thomaston, Rockland, Rockport and Warren responded, and a folding water tank was set up on Thomaston Street at the intersection of Kermit Lane to provide water.

After the fire was out, the water tank was dumped down the road, causing the washout, according to Chairman Peter Lammert.

Resident Marian Robinson asked the town to take responsibility for the damage. "We're almost two months from the incident, and responsibility has been taken by police and fire, to whom we are grateful," Robinson said, "but responsibility has not yet been taken by the town."

She said the town spends millions of dollars on other town projects, such as Route 1 reconstruction, behind the business block, Lura Libby school rehab, yet the materials needed to fix Kermit Lane are only $16 per cubic yard.

"Like we should be ashamed to ask the town to do anything for us," Robinson said.

She said there are three issues to be addressed: top gravel must be added, repair of a hole caused by a split hose coupler, and damage to the road next to the scene of the fire.

"The town did some damage inadvertently while doing a good thing, and should quietly take care of it without weaseling or complaining," she said.

Lammert corrected Robinson in her remark about the town's spending millions on Route 1, noting that was a Department of Transportation project.

He said the operator of the grader is out on leave, and nothing can be done until his return. "A grader operator is a unique person," he said. "They train to do work with graders."

Public Works Director Brandon Allen said he might have another option of a man who has had some training and would need to check the operation of the grader, as it has not been used in some time.

"From looking at it [the road], just grading it might not be the whole solution," Allen said, adding that there may need to be more material purchased to make it better. He noted any road without a crown is susceptible to another washout when the next rain comes.

Allen estimated at least 12 cubic yards of material would be needed, in addition to the existing materials, to get a better idea and offered a two-week time in which to look over the grader and its condition and seek out another operator, if necessary.

Robinson recommended Allen get in touch with George Knight, who she said has had years of experience grading the road.

According to town tax records, there are seven properties on Kermit Lane.

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Residents seek repair of road following fire
Kermit Lane, off Thomaston Street, was washed out in places when a water tank used to help battle a fire was dumped on the road. Residents are asking the town of Thomaston to repair it. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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