Replacing “The Glass” on My Wood Stove

Use only approved replacement glass on wood stoves

Technically “the glass” on your woodstove is NOT glass at all.  Glass, even tempered safety glass, cannot withstand the heat of a today’s woodstoves.  Wood stoves and woodburning fireplace inserts use ceramic glass. 

Ceramic glass is mechanically a very strong material; it can sustain repeated and quick temperature changes and high amounts of heat – over 1400 degrees F - without breaking. It is impervious to thermal shock. There is very little glare and the glass can be made nearly transparent. Ceramic glass is required on all high efficiency, high heat wood burning products. Many manufacturers use a reflective coating on the glass to reduce the temperatures radiated forward and to keep firebox temperatures higher to burn the fuel more completely.

Be sure to replace gaskets and any damaged retaining clips when installing new ceramic glass on your stove. Do not overtighten retaining clips.

Ceramic glass is also found on heater rated gas fireplaces. When you are selecting a new gas fireplace you should first determine its function. Will your fireplace be used as a heat source (ceramic glass) or are you looking for a less expensive decorative (safety glass) application?  Decorative gas fireplaces and fireplace glass door enclosures use primarily tempered safety glass as these units are designed to be used as casual use product and not heat sources.  Safety tempered glass withstands approximately 500 degrees F.  



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