Repairs planned for Andre the Seal sculpture

By Louis Bettcher | May 14, 2018
Photo by: Louis Bettcher A plan is in place to repair cracks in the Andre the Seal sculpture in Rockport Harbor.

Rockport — The stone sculpture of Andre the Seal has been a favorite feature of Rockport Harbor for decades. A plan is in motion for the item to undergo restorative work this summer, which will repair deep cracks around the face of the iconic sculpture.

American sculptor Jane Wasey created the sculpture 40 years ago, carving the sea mammal from limestone and affixing it to a granite base. Since 1979 the sculpture has begun to deteriorate, and deep cracks have formed along its surface over the years.

On April 19, Woolwich-based sculptor Andreas von Huene submitted an estimate to Town Manager Rick Bates for the proposed work to the monument which totals approximately $14,000. In his proposal von Huene suggests that the sculpture be moved to the garage of the Harbormaster's office.

"The three main components of this repair effort are the refitting and attachment of the face, the stabilization of cracks found elsewhere on the sculpture and the installation of reinforcements. I plan on completing these repairs by July 15, 2018," said von Huene.

Earlier this month the Rockport Garden Club donated $2,500 to the non-profit organization Legacy Rockport, which will be overseeing the project. A check was presented to Legacy's Lynda Clancy, who is also the Chairman of the Rockport 125th Committee, which raised funds to celebrate the town's 125th year in 2016.

In an email sent to Rockport Select Board Chair Ken McKinley and Bates on April 18, Clancy said that $26,000 remains in the Rockport 125th Committee account. Clancy recommends on behalf of the committee that $6,000 of this be dedicated to the sculpture's repairs as well. Members of the Select Board are expected to discuss further fundraising plans for the project at upcoming meetings.

Andre is believed to have been born on May 16, 1961. A plaque at the base of the monument states that he was abandoned at birth, then raised by Harry Goodridge of Rockport. Soon after, Andre became a fixture in the harbor, where he performed tricks from his float. He was named an honorary harbormaster and gained posthumous national celebrity as the subject of the 1994 film "Andre."

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | May 14, 2018 16:12

Kudos to Rockport residents to know Andre is an historic idol for natives and out of town-er's alike.

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