Removing barriers to dental care

Mar 05, 2018
Dr. David Pier, of Rockport, a co-founder of DeVantage

Rockport — Many residents of Maine do not have access to dental insurance, creating a barrier to dental care. A Maine-based company, DenVantage, is seeking to serve these patients by helping dentists develop in-house membership plans. Membership plans are not dental insurance, they are an alternative to dental insurance or an option for people who do not have dental insurance. DenVantage Membership Plans offer free preventive care including periodic exams, hygiene visits, and x-rays for one low monthly fee. In addition, most plans offer patients benefits on almost all dental procedures, with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, including implants and cosmetic procedures often not covered by dental insurance.

“We realized over half the population of the state of Maine does not have access to dental insurance,” said Dr. David Pier, a dentist in Rockport and one of the four founding members of DenVantage. “We decided there had to be a way we could help serve this population.” Pier and his three partners, Dr. Kevin Devine, of Sorrento, Dr. Ted Morgan, of Gorham and Dr. Dan Steinke, of Dover-Foxcroft, all practicing Maine dentists, worked together to design a membership plan to meet this need.

“It took us three years to work out all the details of the program,” said Morgan. “We knew the plan had to offer preventive care because so much of our systemic health is affected by our dental health.” “We worked together to continually adjust and refine the membership plan until it was a strong win-win for both our patients and our practices,” added Steinke. It was so well-received by the patients of the four original dental practices that the partners realized they could offer this model to more dentists throughout the state of Maine -- and the nation -- to increase access to care. The success of the four founding members led to the creation of DenVantage.

DenVantage is a web-based program where patients have the option of reviewing membership plans offered by dentists in their area and signing up with the dentist of their choice. As a Maine-based company, DenVantage seeks to not only serve the dental community, but become another employment opportunity for residents of the state of Maine. Currently, DenVantage has dentists offering membership plans for uninsured patients in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and seven other states. If a patient’s current dentist is not a member of DenVantage, they may contact DenVantage at and DenVantage will help their dentist develop a membership program to increase access to dental care for the residents of Maine.

In addition to serving uninsured individuals, DenVantage offers businesses another option to provide dental care for their employees. Small businesses who cannot afford to offer dental insurance for their employees, or who are finding the increasing insurance rates a hindrance to continuing to provide insurance, are able to offer their employees DenVantage membership plans at a fraction of the cost of traditional dental insurance.

“In-office membership plans are the perfect solution for businesses who do not currently offer dental insurance.” Says Pier. “Not only are monthly fees lower, employers only pay for employees who actually use the plan.” The founders of DenVantage are committed to helping Maine residents have access to quality dental care even if they do not have dental insurance. Anyone interested in learning more about the in-house membership plan concept may visit

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