REALLY?? Back To Our Roots??!!

By Richard McKusic, Sr. | Mar 08, 2014
Photo by: Yahoo Be "God With Skin On" to someone. :)

Had a great dream about the need to get back to our roots of faith; and how precious they have been.  The trouble is many of our younger folk don't have any since faith in America has sometimes been seen as taken over by those who can use it for political expediency.  That has caused division, mistrust and hatred that I hoped to never see. Yet in our little mid-coast Maine area we have a network of men and women of God working together in new ways that can bring hope and encouragement to us all.  There are some innovative things taking place by working together with mutual respect and LOVE. Yes, I did say LOVE because that's what GOD said: "Love one another as I have loved you."   

 The most  encouraging part of it for me is to see all of the young people stepping forward and making a difference. They may be tattooed, they may be gay, single parents, or recovering addicts yet they are making a difference!! If you know any take a moment to encourage them; they can use it, just as we did. :)

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