Radon testing and mitigation. Do you suggest it?

By ananur forma | Aug 29, 2018
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Hi neighbor....
Do you suggest radon test kits?
Which ones are good?
Have you done it at your home?
is it prevalent here?
I’m told it is a real problem here. Have heard this for years
that there is a problem due to granite
and then lung cancer in this area.
I have not experienced this myself
nor have my friends, or others I've met.
What do YOU think?
Mitigation, how often is it found to need this?
Maybe realtors know.....
When I sold my monolithic dome home in Crestone,  Co. in 2003,
the woman who bought it
requested that I have mitigation done
after the testing.
even though it found “not a problem.”
*Lucky for me
The nice fellow who did the mitigation from Taos, N.M
bought most of my furniture
as I was getting ready to move!
*another win-win story revealed.
am thinking that I ought
to do a radon test.
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