Radon Mitigation job in Waterville at Keystone Apartments

By Shawna Higgins

Ernie Farrar, Chad Ward, John Davee, just completed this Radon Mitigation job in Waterville at Keystone Apartments. Davee has over twenty years of Radon Mitigation experience with Maine Coast Construction. "We started this division because we wanted to guarantee radon levels were below Federal standards to our custom home owners." Since then we have performed hundreds of mitigations throughout the Mid Coast Maine area. Davee's primary focus has been President of Maine Coast Construction which does a variety of types of building construction including residential, commercial, and handyman construction.  In 2013 Maine Coast was the number one steel building contractor in the State of Maine and number three in New England according to Metal Building News. For more more information give us a call at 236-6000 or www.mainecoastconstruction.com

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