Radio program schedule for Tuesday.

By WRFR-LP Radio | Apr 16, 2013

6-8am  “World in Song.”


8-9am   “Humble Farmer,” sponsored by Knox Village Soup.

This is a repeat for those who missed Humble (that’s Robert Skoglund, of course) on Sunday. His regular show is on Sunday from 7-8 p.m.

Sponsored by Swan Restorations with Kyle Swan.



9-11am “Joe's Interview  Show," with Joe Steinberger, the founding father of WRFR.

Sponsored by Computer Solutions of Rockland.


11am-1pm “Tomorrow the Green Grass,” with Ian Kennedy, offers an eclectic mix of old and new…folk, rock and country for mind, body and soul. This program is sponsored by, “ the Ghost in the Machine,” with Nate Greenleaf and also Garden Island Laundromat and Tanning.


1 -2pm   “World in Song,” a vast variety of music.



2-4pm “Magical Mystery Show,” with host, “Grey Bulldog,”  (Kelvin Chapman) keeping the Magic and the Mystery alive! Providing thoughtful showcases of artists and acts with themes, soundtracks, seasonal events or calendar dates. There’s always a rhyme and a reason with this program.  Sponsored by Astrology With Ananur Forma since 1976.



4-6pm  “Happy Hour,” with DJ Chuckee. An hour of an eclectic mix of music you’ve probably never heard before. Always a pleasant surprise.

Sponsored by: Computer Solutions and Blue Sky Cantina.



6-7pm  “Pardon my French,” with Carol Ann Pretzel. You don’t have to be a great chef to enjoy eating great food, and you don’t have to know French to enjoy listening to great French music. On “Pardon My French,” Carol Ann puts together some of the best contemporary French music she can find both from France and other places where French is spoken such as Canada and Louisiana.  You’ll hear Francis Cabrel, Francoise Hardy, Etienne Daho, Camille, and Kaolin, as well as some of the popular singers of years gone by, like Edith Piaf. You might hear a tidbit or two of news from France, or a French recipe, or information about singers.

Sponsored by The Wine Seller  and Chartrand Imports: organic wines. both in Rockland.


7-8pm “PRETZEL & BEER,” with Barry Pretzel exploring the world of beer and ale. He reviews beers and the local brew and retail stores that sell them. Barry also shares stories about commercial & home breweries. Special feature is when, “Mr. Grumbles,” is on the air sharing his comments on what’s got him grumbling. Barry plays some of his favorite songs: pop, soul, & disco from 60’s-90’s. Sponsored by Crestwood Kitchens, Rte. 1 Rockport and Waterworks on Lindsey St. Rockland & Creek Hill Auto Repair.



8-9pm “JO & CHEECH’S  Radio Hour,” with Rachel and Joelle Albury featuring art and community-interviews with local artists, writers, and members of local community organizations. They play lots of music as well. For more information: Sponsored by Tea Printers, Philbrook & Associates and Jess’ Market.



9-11pm “Medium Rare,” Kit takes you on an exploration of styles and genres, new and old, familiar and unusual. Each week Kit will feature choice picks from her extensive vinyl collection, with occasional guest DJ’s from around the country sharing their own favorite music. Tune in every week to hear a different genre and to expand your musical horizons.

Sometimes you’ll be surprised.

Sponsored by In Good Company.


11pm-6am  “World in Song.”



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