Radio program schedule for Thursday.

By WRFR-LP Radio | Oct 17, 2013

6-7am  “World in Song.”


7-8am "Words of the Morning.,"   This show celebrates the written and spoken word with poetry, short stories and writings by great writers, both local and global. This show is hosted by Peter Jenks and friends.  Always open for input, ideas, stories and poetry to share.

Blog: words  sponsored the Free Press, E.C.Moran Insurance of Rockland, and ASK for Homecare.



8-9 am  “I Made You This Mixtape," with Nate Greenleaf

revives the personal compilation tapes produced by individuals in the 1980's. Often built upon a theme, the mixtape consisted of songs, poetry, comedy bits, clips from tv shows and movies, whatever... as long as it aided the creator to express what they were thinking and feeling. Usually the mixtape was created with a specific listener in mind. Our program seeks to resuscitate the now lost art of fitting as much sentiment as possible into 49 minutes.

Find out how to contribute at

sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts of Rockland, Community School of Camden and also Side Country Sports of Rockland and also Maine Street Meats located inside State of Maine Cheese.



9-11am  L. Jaye Bell, is the host, “Tribal Vibe Show.”

Tribal Vibe Show,” blends Indigenous. Acoustic and Instrumental music together with Inspirational and Native Wisdom from Elders, Mystics, and Sages. Tribal Vibe inspires, energizes and brings peace to your day. Tune into “Tribal Vibe,” the heartbeat of Mother Earth,” hosted by L.Jaye Bell, Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. The live broadcast is sponsored by  PDQ Prints Done Quickly in Rockland and also Inner Tapestry Holistic Journal.



11am- 3pm “World in Song,” vast variety of music.


3-5pm “Jazz Cocktail,” with Denise DeVaney. A blend of classic and contemporary Jazz with a splash of poetry and even a little blues, makes these two hours your perfect Thursday afternoon cocktail. sponsored by In Good Company downtown Rockland.

5-6pm  “On Another Planet,” with Kevin Martin and Greg Ellis, is a show designed with far reaching effects. Poetry from Charles Bukowski and music to keep your curiosity. Blues roots rock n roll to the to the sultry sounds of Billie Holiday back in the day. An eclectic show to just sit back and enjoy. Ellis and Martin, both musicians will occasionally play some of their own music one of which is entitled: “On Another Planet,” written by Greg Ellis and Bob Myers. Sponsored by JBI Earthworks/ Excavations of Owls Head.



6-7pm the "Bonnie Farmer Show" airs live Thursdays from 6-7pm. This show is a mix of new and older love songs by women/men for women/men, with strong/soft rythmic groove sounds including sexy, soul, soul blues, moody, jazz, spice and funk! Bonnie is also a seasoned host of "Farmer's Got The Blues". Bonnie states this show allows her to be outside of the "blues box" and is a great counter balance of new sounds. Bonnie does not podcast and truly believes in the live experience of a "one of a kind, one time only show". Thanks for tuning in! sponsored by Anita Volpe Law Office of Rockland representing, "We the people also known as the 99%."

7-8pm  “Taking no chances with Grumpy,” a rock and roll music adventure with well seasoned WRFR…. DJ  Carl Rhode. This show is sponsored by Schooner Bay Printing.


8-9pm Thursday  "Mood or Moody," with host Claymoore Wales. Continuing in the vein of Positively Moody Blues, but taking you to another place, Claymoore Wales presents:  "Mood Or Moody."  Focusing on the Psychedelic and Progressive eras of Rock. Join Claymoore as he explores this frontier of Rock 'N' Roll's expansion into maturity or madness. Tune in Thursdays, 8-9pm and make up your own mind, "Mood or Moody." You decide. sponsored by: Van Steenberg & Associates of  Rockport. "A different breed of accounting."


9pm-6am   “WORLD in SONG,” more great music for you.



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